Build a daily English
speaking habit
in your child

In Just 15 Mins Per Day, Increase Your
Child’s English Fluency
By 3XFor students from Grade 3 to Grade 8

This book will provide daily speaking prompts along with techniques, common mistakes and sample answers. Any parent can use this book with their children to practice English regardless of their own insecurities with English language.

Reviewed 4.9+
Loved by thousands of parents
This test will help you figure out your child’s current Spoken English level.
This test will take only 10 minutes

Why this book works for Indian parents?

Speaking mother-tongue at home will never hamper your child’s English fluency

A child spends most of his day at home and not in school. Indian households mostly speak vernacular, hence often students do not get the opportunity to practice their English language speaking skills at home. They do get English reading and writing homework from school - likewise our book will enable a unique “Speaking Homework” for your child.

Your own English fluency will not limit your child’s English learning

Parents often are insecure that their own lack of fluency & confidence with English language does not allow them to help their child. This book shatters that misconception and allows you to help your child speak fluently in English using clear instructions, highlighting common mistakes and sample answers.

No videos. No screen time. Old school style. 15 mins daily with a book !

There is no better way to learn than to practice the old school way with a book and a teacher. Here you become your child’s English speaking teacher for only 15-mins per day.
For most parents, this brings back the memories of times when their child was younger and they used to recite stories to them, only this time roles will be reversed - your child will tell you stories fluently in English!

Listen to what other parents are saying

Sweta Garg
Mother of a 10 years old

This book is such an out of the box solution for an age old problem! No wonder it has been authored by two IITians. :)

My son is currently in 5th standard. While he goes to a reputed English-medium school and both me and my husband can adequately speak in English, but we do not talk in English in our home. As a result, while my son is able to read and write in English about whatever is taught in school, he doesn't get enough practice to learn to effortlessly communicate in English.Now with this book, I dont need to hound my child to read yet another book or download some app. Instead, I take charge, take out 10-15 minutes everyday and carry out an English speaking session with him.

Anurag Mishra
Proud Father

I didn’t even know that I needed this.

It is almost like a speaking guide for me which I can use to make my daughter speak on a daily basis. The side benefit is that along with my daughter I am also getting speaking practice on a daily basis - as by giving her feedback according to the book, and listening to her speaking is super useful. So these 10 minutes are like a simultaneous father-daughter learning time for us. I didn’t even know that I needed this.

Neeta Sukhla
Mother of 2 Kids

Using this book daily for last 15 days -
I can see my son’s speaking English improving

My friend recommended this book to me and I am so happy that she did. We have a mothers’ group and all our children are around the same age - in classes 3rd to 6th. We have tried multiple things to increase the English speaking time but were not successful. In their classes - they hardly get anytime to speak English as mostly it’s the teachers.Using this book daily for last 15 days - I can see my son’s speaking English improving - he still makes mistakes but now attest he is able to think and speak for a minutes on topics. Would recommend for all parents!

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