March 22, 2022
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Nalin Kashyap

Why kids don’t learn to speak English in school?

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    Parents believe that once they admit their kids to a school, they no longer hold the burden of their child’s English education.

    But is that true?

    Do you relax?

    No, because the school curriculum focus on scoring high rather than to teach practical education. Moreover, in many cases, the teachers themselves are unqualified to teach English.

    When asked to our teachers regarding the underwhelming response of students. They had a unanimous answer -

    English is all they need to study?

    The question hits deep. But we have to realize that every other subject has an English connection to it. Enlish doesn’t end with the regular class period. It has a universal appeal when it comes to learning.

    • Students pay more attention to subjects other than English — This is a pervasive problem as students treat English with little care. When researching this issue, we found out that not even 25% of the students regularly study English. They accept science and maths as much more important topics than English. That’s the root cause.
    • Students get easy marks due to the lenient marking system — Two very related issues. A thing every student will agree on as well. The level of grammatical mistakes students make and the reduction in their total isn’t justified. Making English a compulsion in 11th and 12th makes it significant, but the urge is to enhance the marking scheme.
    • Feeling Inferior — Different students come from different backgrounds and have different exposure to English.This difference in upbringing births discomfort for some students. They feel inferior and fear making mistakes. To make matters worse, due to this poor self-esteem they rarely speak it loud to their elders.

    What to do then? We have pointed out several issues. Do we have a solution? Yes, we do.

    Here are the following ways which can pave your paths to learn English.

    • Make learning Fun — Making learning into a game-based activity will help your kid adapt it real quick and they will remember it for their entire life. To keep your kids motivated and energized, throw in variety of fun games. Such as — field trips, Opt for creative ways, reduce stress.
    • Set Prizes and Reward for completion of tasks — Recognising kids for small milestones can give them a sense of achievement and provide a huge confidence boost. These rewards can be little such as handwritten notes, a treat for the evening, gifting them their favourite toys and taking them out for parks. These small rewards will not only build a healthy relationship but also keep your child inspired.
    • Prioritize learning and not Performance — Don’t ever let your kid fall into the trap of just grades, positions, and numbers. He will indulge in getting number 1 rather than being number 1. The focus should be about learning and not performance. Every child is different, and they need individual attention.

    The above-highlighted problems contributed to the solution. Now what you need to do is address these issues and help your kids to fight them. As they say, Every Child is Special. We need to treat them special as well.

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