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November 30, 2022
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November 30, 2022
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What is BBR’s foundation session for English communication course and why do we charge money for it?

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    Want to improve your Communication Skills?
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    A colleague told me when she was in college that she:

    • feared speaking up in front of people.
    • struggled with expressing her thoughts and opinions with clarity.
    • didn’t know how to say what she wanted to say.
    • felt insecure and inferior when communicating with her batchmates and teachers.

    A school friend got a new job and struggled with interacting with the new colleagues he met because he:

    • frowned when he disagreed but couldn’t convey his reasons.
    • couldn’t clear his doubts because he lacked the courage to ask in English.
    • couldn’t look into the eyes of the person in front of him.
    • looked at slides more than people during a meeting.

    A good friend of mine who recently celebrated his 5th work anniversary still struggles with:

    • learning presentation techniques to deliver in front of his team
    • understanding foreign accents while dealing with overseas clients
    • conducting workshops and seminars with good command of the English language
    • explaining detailed reports in simple language

    When I moved to a new flat and met new people, I:

    • didn’t know how to introduce myself.
    • smiled at people but couldn’t speak anything.
    • didn’t know how to carry on a conversation.
    • struggled with forming new connections.

    Do you also find the above situations relatable? I am sure you might have gone through many thoughts while reading them.

    😮‍💨 “I want to be in a leadership role. But I am still not good at giving presentations.”
    🤐 “My friends often tell me I speak very fast, and it’s difficult to understand what I am saying.”
    😐 “I come from a Hindi-speaking background and don’t know how to speak English, so I don’t gel with people.”

    Communication is important everywhere.

    1. A sales manager wants to focus on giving clear directions to his team members for successful conversion.
    2. A copywriter wants to focus on polishing his speaking skills for better communication with his clients.
    3. A marketing head wants to focus on giving solid presentations to increase brand awareness.

    Or, it could be as simple as getting along and starting a conversation with new people!

    Even the person behind a grocery store counter needs communication skills!

    But what exactly are these communication skills?

    Let me tell you.

    Communication isn’t only about knowing what to say, it’s about learning how to say what you want. It’s about

    😀 Facial expressions and eye contact
    👋 Gestures and body language
    😎 Confidence and fluency
    🇬🇧 Language usage and grammar
    🗣 Delivery skills and sentence structure

    So, have you tried to work on these skills before?

    I am sure you have tried to take help from online videos, group courses, or even one-way courses. Because today, it's so easy to gain knowledge from the Internet for FREE:

    Learn communication skills in a week!

    Learn how to speak like a pro!

    Get that confidence in 30 minutes!

    Yes, impressive indeed!

    And you might have also felt, “Oh, this was easy; I can learn it quickly.”

    But think hard and think again - didn’t those videos make you go:

    How do I know if I am making any mistakes?” 😕

    Tell me, isn’t it better to realize your mistakes before your colleagues point them out?

    So, what do you think was lacking in the videos and online group classes? Let me tell you.

    They don’t:

    1. let you commit mistakes
    2. tell you where and what were the mistakes
    3. help you tackle those mistakes with an immediate live exercise

    So, how can you be the judge of your mistakes, identify them, and work on them?

    Here’s your answer: a 1:1 Live English Program by BBR English that helps you get:

    • An in-depth understanding of what, how, and where you make mistakes.
    • Exercises to tackle those mistakes.
    • A Full assessment of your performance and scores.
    • A roadmap that covers your core focus areas.

    Now, I know it can be challenging to find something that:

    🎯 you can easily commit to

    🎯 fits your busy schedule

    🎯 focuses 100% on your specific problems with 0% compromise on quality, and,

    🎯 has a personalized approach.

    It gets pretty hectic while working late nights and sometimes even early mornings. And I know you often forget that YOU are the main character of your own story! 🦸‍♂️

    But BBR English is here to remind you that you ARE the main character by focusing on two important things:

    👨‍🎓 where you’re at RIGHT NOW, which includes your current problems, and

    🤵 where do you want to be in the future, i.e., your goals

    Now, you might have a question boggling your mind:

    How does BBR English help me measure my skills that align with my goals?

    Here’s your answer 👇

    👨‍💻 BBR English has a 1-hour foundation session that counsels you,
    • assesses your current skill level,
    • measures your performance,
    • assigns you scores,
    • identifies your goals,and creates a roadmap focusing on the problem areas that help you achieve your goals.

    This 1-hour session sets the stage to create a structured course to reach your goals that -

    👨‍🏫 Focuses on the approach of practice-learn-practice (PLP)

    👨‍🏫 Provides you with a personal mentor to escalate your most effective learning process

    And here’s something fresh that BBR English brings to the table:

    1. We let you practice conversation with an expert coach - you are free to make all your mistakes without any fear.
    2. We assess those mistakes and explain them to you, unlike any other online video or coaching.
    3. We help you solve those mistakes by doing live exercises such as introductions, mock interviews, casual conversations, passage reading, speaking on a topic, and more.
    4. In our very first session, we generate a “Calibration Report” based on the performance assessment that assigns you scores on your verbal, non-verbal, and presentation skills.
    5. We create a personalized course based on your report, considering your current level, requirements, and goals.

    So, what do we have in store for you with this foundation session?

    The Purpose:

    To provide you with a personalized course structure based on the:

    • assessment of your current skill levels and,
    • alignment of your skill levels with your goals

    The Philosophy:

    • No one size fits all, and every student’s journey is different.
    • Having a judgment-free zone, so you aren’t scared of making mistakes
    • Practice is the art of perfection

    The Process:

    The foundation session assesses your communication through a set of four stages. In each stage, we let YOU take the lead.

    Hence, we start by making you first practice on each stage, and then we identify the mistakes and problem areas.

    Then, we dig deeper inside your communication challenges by learning about:

    • Your educational and professional background.
    • Your current problems, goals, and what brings you here.

    And even if you are good at only one or two of the areas of communication skills, don’t worry! That’s what the session is about.

    So, let’s take a deep dive into each of these four stages.

    First Stage - The Basics: verbal and non-verbal communication

    The purpose of this stage is to teach you how to express yourself by your

    🚶‍♂️ Body language

    👁 Eye contact

    🖐 Gestures

    😄 Facial expressions

    🎙 Tone

    🗣 Voice modulations

    📰 Language and grammar

    🔠 Fluency and sentence framing

    Why are these important?

    • Body language and gestures raise the impact of your words.
    • Facial expressions and gestures convey the emotions behind your speech.
    • Voice modulation and tone let you take pauses that help you emphasize important points.
    • Good fluency strengthens your sentence structure and style.

    So, how do we assess them? We role-play real-life scenarios where you have to introduce yourself again, such as:

    👋 Meeting someone new who just moved into your building.

    🤝 Becoming a part of the group at a gathering or a party.

    👨‍💼 Introducing yourself at an orientation or first day in the office.

    Why do we give these scenarios, you ask?

    Because these are some of the most common daily situations where you struggle with interacting with others.

    Second Stage - Public speaking: it's essential!

    Imagine you are conducting a workshop on marketing in a conference room. And chances are that people are:

    🙉 unable to hear you properly

    😴 losing interest in between

    🤨 not getting the EXACT message that you want to convey

    How good are you at speaking in front of team members?

    Can you capture the attention of the people sitting in the farthest corners?

    Can you deliver the exact message to the audience that you planned?

    The second stage of our Foundation Session gives you another set of exercises. These include three-four real-life scenarios of public speaking from which you can choose any one.

    When you start speaking on a topic, your teacher assesses you on:

    1. Introduction of the subject and how you give a glimpse of what’s coming next.
    2. Body of the topic - how you elaborate on different parts and connect them
    3. Closing a topic.

    As you complete your task, the teacher tells you where you can improve and the areas that you need to focus on. These include:

    🌟 understand speech structuring.

    🌟 learn the rise and fall in intonations.

    🌟 learn types of voice modulation - pitch, pace, pauses and fillers, tone, and sentence stress.

    We also introduce you to great editing and grammar-checking tools to improve your public speaking skills, such as:

    1. Hemingway Editor
    2. Grammarly

    Third Stage - Let’s calibrate!

    The calibration stage is the most important part of this session. The idea behind this stage is to:

    • assess your current level of each skill: verbal, non-verbal, and confidence
    • prepare a foundation report based on your current skill level and goals
    • extract the core focus areas required for your goals
    • identify the right course and content structure

    Hence, this stage focuses on assessing:

    👉 the application of all the concepts you learned in the previous stages

    👉 your current skill level that aligns with your goals.

    So, how do we know how your current skill levels align with your goals? Let me tell you.

    There’s just one last exercise for you before you hit the home run! 👇

    Goal-based exercises, i.e., a particular exercise that would be the base to assess your skills.

    So what are your goals?

    Is it to crack interviews and land your dream job? 👨‍💼

    In that case, your exercise would be coming face to face with an acting interviewer for a mock interview, i.e., your teacher to analyze your interview-giving skills.

    Or, is it to amp up your confidence and speaking skills to fire up a conversation and have your mic drop moment? 🎤

    Well then, your teacher will again give you specific exercises to assess your current speaking and conversing skill level in a public setting.

    And what if your goal is to increase your critical thinking and be a nerd? 🤓

    Then, you’ll be given a passage for reading. And your teacher would analyze how good you are at comprehension and how you put up your opinions and views.

    Final Stage - Roadmap to your goals

    The last step of the session is to create a roadmap based on:

    📊 assessment of skill gaps and current skill level

    📝 goal-specific calibration report

    🎯 your core problem areas

    Then, the above three aspects are put together to present a personalized learning journey best suited to reaching your goals.

    Why are these important? Here’s why 👇

    💯 These are important so that we can provide the right course offering for you, built on the Practice-Learn-Practice (PLP) approach.

    So, you can finally have that eureka moment and realize, “Oh, I think I need to practice more!” 🙆‍♂️

    BBR English’s Practice-Learn-Practice (PLP) approach in our courses designed for you will ensure that you will:

    👨‍🎓 practice what you have learned

    🎯 master and fill the skill gaps in communication

    ⚒ properly apply these skills in your daily life

    😅 make mistakes and learn from them

    😇 appreciate the importance of learning a skill.

    Are you ready to book a foundation session with BBR English?

    I am sure after reading all about the session, you might be itching to say YES! Because I am!

    And the best part? It doesn’t make a hole in your wallet by only paying Rs. 499 for a 1-hour session that lets you:

    🙋‍♂️ lead the session, and the teacher tells you about your mistakes RIGHT AFTER you made them

    🙋‍♂️ correct them in the same session after the teacher engages you in live exercises

    🙋‍♂️ work on those mistakes while your teacher assesses your current skill levels

    🙋‍♂️ tell about your goals, and your teacher prepares a report that rates your performance

    🙋‍♂️ get that report as the session ends!

    And what if you’re not happy with the results? Well then, you get a 100% refund!

    Honestly, I would learn much more about how to talk to people in this one-hour session than watching any free Youtube video!

    So, now go and book yours too!

    Need some more proof of what we can help YOU achieve?

    Take a look at some of these heartwarming emails and reviews from our happy students who joined the BBR Live English course. They hype us up every time!

    1. Pratiksha Nale - Final Year LLB student. Goal: Improve Public Speaking
    👨💻 *Respected sir/ma'am, I joined BBR in March, I was having difficulties speaking in public, and today, I am speaking in English fluently; that would not have been possible without Ms. Aprajita ma'am. She is an ideal teacher. I am grateful to her for accepting me as a part of her class.
    I know I have not always made things easy for her. I was not as consistent as other students in assignments, yet she used to treat me like she used to do with other students, but she did not get angry or punish me; rather, She always showed me the right path. Because of her I am became confident person.
    She suggested me various books and movies that became so helpful for me. She seems to have a way of seeing right through me and knowing when something is wrong. I always knew that she really cared for me and that I could go to her with my problems. She always had time for me. I am fortunate to have had her in my life.

    Thank you so much BBR team and special thanks to Aprajita ma'am.

    Thank you!!Pratiksha*
    1. Minal - Software Engineer. Goal: Confidence building
    👨💻 *Hi Team, I would like to share my experience with BBR and Team.

    Firstly, I would like to say Thanks to Mr. Abhishek who handles the management part very well. He always took care of sessions and assignments. And he is having very helpful nature.

    I would like to say very big thanks to my mentor(Aprajita) who teaches me so wonderfully. Manner of teaching is so refreshing, patient, and always supportive. And she really knows how to motivate students. She's great at building confidence and keeping lessons fun and engaging through a variety of activities that improve the conversation.

    Thanks Again. Minal*
    1. Balaji Perumal - IT Professional. Goal: Improve Overall communication skills
    👨‍💻 BBR is a great institute with incredibly talented mentors. Their values-centered guidance helped me focus more on communication skills than just on English. One of the main advantages is we can customize the course and schedule our 1 to 1 classes. I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to improve their mastery of the English language and communication skills.
    1. Ashish Kale - Cybersecurity Specialist. Goal: Presentation skills
    👨💻 *I've been fortunate to have found the BBR English platform via Social Media and I'm extremely satisfied with their Professional conduct of the entire Spoken English journey being very affordable at the same time!

    Prajakta has been my mentor for the whole series of 10 sessions. She has been really instrumental in nurturing my business English conversation and presentation skills with her massive industry-relevant experience. All these sessions were very gracefully conducted by her with an empathetic touch to all learnings. All the interactions with my mentor were very productive and extremely natural! She has some serious qualities of conveying the content in a simplified way and that's where this really makes a big difference.*
    1. Kranthi A - Pharma Labelling Specialist. Goal: Fluency and Vocabulary
    👨‍💻 I'm glad to be a student of BBR group. They taught me the techniques for spoken English, provided hand outs to walk through them whenever I can. The best part of this course is self-paced. A right fit for working professionals.

    You can read rest of our reviews on [Google Reviews] as well as our Course Feedback Page.

    Table of Contents
      Want to improve your Communication Skills?
      Get a Personal Coach and Speak Fluent English in less than 3 months. Start by taking a 60 minutes Private Counselling Session to know your current English level. (Counselling session costs Rs 499, but the fee is 100% refundable if you don't like the session - No Questions Asked)
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