March 22, 2022
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Kavya Agarwal

Telling a story during speech

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    Importance of Storytelling

    Storytelling is one of the most crucial aspects of public speaking to keep your audience hooked and connected throughout your speech. Good storytelling brings spark, life to the regular dull speech.

    Storytelling can even make your speech memorable for your audience that they can even revive long after listening to you. For example, the audience gives a positive response to an advertisement having a proper narrative as compared with the ad, which had direct product placement.

    Adding stories to the public speeches helps in connecting with the listeners emotionally. When the speaker shares some facts or some real-life incidents, the audience more likely connects with the story emotionally and feels the story.

    Always remember, storytelling is an art. You need to take care of how you can do storytelling more effectively. Here are few steps to make your storytelling more effective

    1. Have a simple structure. Your storytelling should have a proper structure like :
    2. Introduce what the story is.
    3. Problems you faced
    4. Struggles you have been in to solve them
    5. The final resolution
    6. Try to use relatable characters in your story.
    7. Shape your stories in such a way that the audience gets involved in them.
    8. Have relevant points in your story. Always share the real stories, the incidents that happened with you. Never try to create a fake story to gather the attention of your listeners.
    9. Always end your stories with a happy and satisfying resolution.

    The Bottom Line

    Great speakers know how to tell a story effectively. Remember, storytelling during a speech always increases your audience's attention span, makes it much easier for them to understand, and sometimes also brings them to an emotional journey that they can never forget.

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