March 22, 2022
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Nalin Kashyap

SMART way to improve English

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    Smart is a word and a compliment that we hear all around our lives.

    Hey! He is a smart guy.

    That was smart, buddy.

    Wow! What a street smart trick that was.

    Through evolution and advancement, the word Smart has become S.M.A.R.T., which will further enhance your ability to learn your favorite language.

    We all must be knowing that S.M.A.R T has a meaning altogether. Which loosely means Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. But we at Blackboard radio have renovated it for you to learn your language smoothly.

    How? Let’s find out.

    S- SPEAK MODERATELY — No hurry. Streamline your thoughts and put them in words. When you are thinking about what to say as you speak, fluency could go for a toss. Practice this for few days; you would get better at it.

    E.g., If you are given an option to speak for 5 minutes. Your initial objective should be reciting every word rather than trying to complete your dialogue on time.

    M- MAKE IT A LIFESTYLE — Make sure you do not speak for the sake of talking but make it natural and a voluntary habit. Watching your TV show in English can also be a fun way to integrate English into your daily routine.

    E.g., try to converse with your family members, colleagues, and friends. Irrespective of which language they reply in, your aim should be to boost language usage in day-to-day life.

    A — ATTAIN A GOAL — Ensure the daily objective is set and achieved at the end of the day. The goal set should be realistic and practical. This habit will further help you to govern yourself efficiently.

    For e.g., You can set a goal to learn ten new words daily for a week and start framing sentences from the following week.

    R — REVISE DAILY — Revision is your best friend. While learning a language, it becomes of utmost importance that you go through everything you have learned daily.

    For e. g — You have learned five new words on a particular day. Make sure you sit down with your language workbook at the end of the day to make that learning definitive.

    T — TEST YOUR GROWTH — Actions need motivation, and what better reason to motivate yourself than to access your progress and score better. Tests can be further incorporated competitively as well.

    E.g., Evaluate yourself through monthly tests and fun quizzes.

    This was the JUST DO IT formula for you to learn language SMARTLY. However, a little bit of guidance and proactivity can help you achieve your confidence.

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