March 22, 2022
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Aditya Gohil

In this pandemic why you should teach your kids spoken English?

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    During this pandemic, are you are worried about how to continue your kids' education?

    As schools have shifted online you and your child must be relying on the internet to keep up with their studies. However, you might have noticed that the majority of websites, videos, and apps are in English. And if you are not good with English then you must have struggled with using them.

    Chances are that if you are not good at English then your kids are not going to be good at English as well?

    Why you may ask? After all, I am sending my child to an English medium school?

    The sad truth is the majority of children in India who study in an English medium school still are bad at English. They lack skills in grammar, reading, writing, and speaking.

    If you are still not convinced that let me tell you why you should teach your kids English during this pandemic!

    • Your children will know a worldwide language.

    English is a powerful language! It gives you a bigger platform to present your kids' ideas and curiosity. Think about it, so many countries speak only English. Even in India, English is the most popular language among the rich & elite. By learning such a worldwide language, your children will tap into opportunities that you never could. English learning is no longer a privilege but a necessity.

    • Your child will learn maths & science better.

    You will notice that apart from Hindi - most subjects these days are taught in English - especially science and maths. If your child struggles in English then chances are they will struggle in science and maths as well because they won't understand what's written in the book. Hence, improvement in English will help your child's overall English.

    • Learning English will exercise their brain.

    Learning a new language keeps your brain sharper. Especially, if you are learning English, you are exposed to a whole world of knowledge from across the globe. Learning English as another language can improve your child's character, skills, and communication.

    • Children can effortlessly learn a new language.

    A child who learns multiple languages from a young age has a sharper b brain and stronger memory. For a child, learning a language is an intuitive process. They are built to absorb information. If you want your kids to master English, starting early is the right way to go.

    • English is the language of the Internet & mobile.

    Most people around the world use English as a language to converse and surf the internet. As more information is available in English on the internet it makes it easy for your child to read and search for new information and thus gain knowledge easily.

    • They will become fluent in speaking & make an amazing impression.

    On an international level, people who know English have more opportunities and chances for getting a good education and higher studies. Speaking English fluently will help your child connect with people all over the internet. This will open the door for them to have a great future ahead.

    Above are only a few reasons why your child should indulge in learn and master the art of speaking English.

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