March 22, 2022
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Nalin Kashyap

How to provide English speaking environment at home?

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    Do you know the best way you can learn anything?

    A lot of great leaders worldwide have a similar answer to this question.

    The answer - It is by doing it repeatedly and immersing yourself into an environment that supports learning it. For example, the best way to learn to swim is to get into the pool.

    However, it would be best if you had proper guidance before getting into the water first. But dipping your feet in the water is the only way you can see how much you know and where you want to grow yourself.

    Learning any language is similar to this if you just keep reading and writing but never implement it through speaking and writing. Then, most of your efforts will not get you desired results. To Start and quickly learn English, you have to immerse yourself and surround yourself with it. Here are our few convenient tips and steps that will help you learn English quickly without extra effort.

    Start with your devices.

    It’s time to set the language of your phone, browser, and social media account to English

    Pick an “English only” space or time.

    Schedule one or two hours daily to immerse yourself in English. Talk with your siblings or friends in English only during this time.

    Fill your house with English reading materials.

    Read English newspapers, magazines & stories. Read the dictionary to build a better vocabulary.

    Label everything in English.

    Label household appliances and furniture if you have trouble remembering their names in English.

    Watch T.V & Videos in English

    When free, watch movies and shows with English subtitles to learn tonality and pronunciations.

    Think in English

    This will be challenging, and you will need to take some extra effort on your part. Next time you are in an English conversation, instead of translating everything in your mind, try to think and use English.

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