How to give constructive feedback to your children?

Accepting feedback isn't always the easiest thing to do, even for adults, let alone children. But, while feedbacks are difficult to accept, they are one of the most important factors that will lead to your child's growth. If you can train your child into effectively accepting feedback from a young age, you are gifting them a bright future in disguise. But, it is also important that feedback should be constructive and not demotivating.

To give constructive feedback, you need to take care of few important points:

Try to use some action words:

Always remember to mention in your praise or criticism why you are saying so. For example, instead of saying that you have disappointed me, tell me that I am not happy today because you have not eaten green vegetables.

Try to be specific while giving feedbacks:

Use your words carefully and wisely while giving any feedbacks as your children may react to it. For example, if you want to tell your child that they are not good in a particular subject, suppose English, don't just straight away say it, instead, you can say it like, I think you should improve your English writing.

Use more positive sentences:

While instructing your children about what they did wrong, please don't say that they are wrong. Instead, you can tell that if you make these changes, you can improve your performance. For example, see how beautifully you just used a positive sentence to make them realize their mistakes.

Directed towards the future:

The only thing we can do is make sure not to repeat the same mistakes in the future. Remember this while giving feedback to your child. Don't just blame them for what had already been done. Instead, criticize them by telling them how to make relevant changes for a better future.

Reflection time:

Don't make your feedbacks look just like a piece of advice. Instead, it can be a moment of reflection for your child.

For example, instead of telling, you can ask your kids that "Do you think we did it nicely or we should change our method?" Let them analyze their work themselves.

Self-assessment is a critical and valuable life skill.

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