March 22, 2022
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Aditya Gohil

Do you know all the components of learning English ?

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    Reading, writing, speaking, and listening are the four pillars of learning English. You cannot build a house without solid foundations. Similarly, to have good command over your learning and communicate properly, you need to progress in all aspects appropriately.


    While we often think of reading as one singular act, our brain engages in several tasks simultaneously each time we sit down with a book. These five aspects work together to create the reading experience.

    Essential components of reading

    • Fluency: The ability to speak & read orally with appropriate speed, accuracy, and proper expression. and also the ability to speak
    • Vocabulary: Vocabulary has a close connection to comprehension. The larger the reader’s vocabulary, the easier it is to make sense of the text.
    • Spelling: ability to pronounce and read the words properly can be considered as spelling words correctly when reading.
    • Phonics: Phonics is the relationship between the letters in written language and the individual sounds in spoken language.
    • Phonemic awareness: Children must first hear the sounds and patterns in words before they can identify what letters represent those sounds.


    Good writing allows you to communicate your ideas and message effectively. When writing, you need to consider few aspects which improved your writing quickly. Here are some essential writing components you need to know.

    • Punctuation: Punctuation help the structure of a sentence and help the reader understand sentences: commas, semicolons, colons, periods, etc.
    • Structure: Structure refers to the order of ideas, the progression of your writing in your sentence. When you present your thoughts with a good structure, it is easy to read and understand.
    • Content: Content is the real meat of your writing. It refers to the logical points you are making, the story you are selling, and the message you are telling.
    • Grammar: Rules and examples around the correct usage of the language. It is essential to learn grammar properly to be fluent in English.


    Listening is a critical component of language learning because when people learn a new language, they first hear it spoken. Listening is divided into two ways.

    • Active listening: Where you are more involved in the conversation and adequately invested in listening, you can retain information quickly. Here are examples
    • Self-awareness
    • Asking questions
    • Observing body language
    • Ask for specific examples.
    • Passive listening: it when you are listing
    • Only hearing
    • unreceptive to new ideas
    • minimal interaction with others
    • no intention to question or challenge the speaker


    Speaking is the most natural way to communicate your ideas and information. It allows you to form connections, influence decisions, and motivate change. Without communication skills, progress in the working world and in life itself would be nearly impossible. Here are a few you need to learn:

    • Pronunciation: How you speak a word so that the listener can understand you clearly.
    • Pitch: Tonality and the way your voice changes according to message.
    • Eye contact: When talking, it is necessary to make eye contact as it gives the listener the importance and ease to comminute.
    • Body language: Different types of body language helps you to communicate and also understand the listeners.
    • Pauses: When speaking, it is essential to take pauses so that the message is clear and the listeners can retain what you are saying.
    These are the most basic foundation of learning the English language. Every component is used according to the message and medium in which you want to publish your ideas.
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