March 22, 2022
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Kavya Agarwal

9 tips to improve confidence for interviews

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    Your confidence level as you walk into the interview room is the first factor that decided if you will bag the job or not.

    A job interview is a situation that is bound to make you anxious, scared, and nervous.

    However, if you can stay confident and retain composure during a situation like this, the employer might find you worth giving the job opportunity.

    But this confidence doesn't come easy, prepare yourself beforehand and have belief and trust in yourself.

    While having faith in yourself is the part you have to take care of, we can help you with tips to prepare for an interview that will help in boosting your confidence.

    Let's divide these tips into 3 different sections.

    1. Your thoughts/thinking about the interview.
    2. Sharing your knowledge & expertise.
    3. Overcoming the anxiety and pressure.

    Your thoughts/thinking about the Interview

    1. Go with helping nature: Whenever you go for an interview, don't think of it as an exam or life test. Instead, think as if you are going to help the company. By conducting this interview, the company is looking for individuals with certain expertise, and you have the opportunity to help them. Thinking this way will boost your confidence and somewhere will help you reduce tension & anxiety.
    2. Do not think about the outcome: Thinking about an outcome will leave you under pressure. Don't do that. Just think about how you are going to rock this interview. Think only about giving your best in front of the interviewer. Put up your knowledge and expertise, obeying them in a confident manner.

    Sharing your knowledge & expertise.

    1. Figure out questions likely by the interviewer: Try to figure out the questions your interviewer will most likely put up in front of you. Never forget to include really hard questions, which even you are afraid to answer. “Tell me about yourself” is the question which has to be added to your questions list.
    2. Prepare your answers: After finding out the most asked questions, try and prepare your best answers for the same. Keep practicing your answers until you feel you are prepared to tell them out fluently. Do not skip the practice even once. The tone of your voice and your vocal expressions will only enhance with more and more practice.
    3. Become a Salesman of Self: You have to become your best salesman. You have to decide how you have to sell yourself infringement of the interviewer. Make few points about your qualities, experience, expertise, and whatever you feel can help you sell yourself and speak it out in front of the interviewer.
    4. Explain key points with stories: Practice the art of storytelling. Try to explain your key points with the help of stories. For example, if you share some key points about your work experience in a previous organization, tell a story. Share an incident where you helped your organization with your skills and expertise in a particular sector.

    Overcoming the anxiety and pressure.

    1. Gain knowledge: Before you go to your interview, do enough research about the company or the organization. Confidence comes with knowledge.
    2. Meditate: Get out of your head and into your body. Learn to relax your mental attention down into your body all the way to your feet. Try to meditate before going for an interview. It will help you keep your anxiety level down and will generate a feeling of peace and relaxation in your mind, heart, and soul.
    3. Breathe: Deep breathing always helps you keep yourself grounded. So always take a deep breath before entering the interview room. It will help you get rid of pressure and make you feel calm and relaxed.

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