9 tips on how to write a great summary

We summarize all the times in our daily lives. For example, we may summarize something interesting we saw in the news, summarize something that happened at school for a friend, or summarize a movie plotline for the family. There will be a need to summarize at some point in life, and sometimes people find it challenging to do so.

Here are 9 tips to make your summary writing experience easier:

  1. Precision: We need to remember that a summary needs to be as compact as possible as the original material's refined version.
  2. No specific details: Due to the need for a summary being brief, one should not go beyond the main points. Specific details can be edited out like numbers, statistics, dates, figures, etc. One should also omit examples quoted in the original material.
  3. Clarity: It is essential to be clear to someone who has not read, seen, or heard the original material
  4. Good paragraph structure: The brief paragraph should have a topic sentence, supporting sentences, and a concluding sentence. The topic sentence should identify itself as a summary. The supporting sentences are the main points.
  5. Title: It is essential to notify the other person as to what you are summarizing. For example, mention the topic of the summary or the speaker of the original matter in the title sentence.
  6. Order: One should always follow the same order that the information is being presented in the original material. One can change the chronological order to make it easier to understand; otherwise, follow the same order.
  7. Paraphrasing: One should not use direct quotes from the original material. One should be using their own words.
  8. Objectivity: It is important to remember that you are reporting information from someone else's original piece, so one should avoid adding their personal opinion to the summary.
  9. Keywords: One can highlight the important topics to be focused on in summary. These words can guide the other person to what is essential and what they need to focus on more.
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