March 22, 2022
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Kavya Agarwal

8 tips for Homeschooling for parents during covid

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    The onset of the pandemic has completely changed the way of living for people across the globe. Education is one of the major industries that have turned upside down as a result of the pandemic. But intelligent and responsible parents have devised their own ways to sustain their children's academic and social growth.Homeschooling has proven to be an efficient manner to ensure the overall development of kids.

    8 tips for parents to do homeschooling of their children during Covid are-

    Create your schedule

    Create a schedule. Dedicate a separate time for each activity. Organize things in such a way that your kids love to spend time doing activities with you. You do not have to create a full-fledged school discipline at home but to create an atmosphere where your kids will love doing school activities at their home.

    Get up and move

    As soon as your kids are done with studying for the day, indulge them in some physical activities. Play some games with them, encourage them to dance for few minutes. These physical activities are helpful for the overall development of your child.

    Interact with your kids

    These days you all are home, staying together all day. Instead, you should take some time every day to interact with your kids. Do different activities with them, help them with their homework, play with them and create a friendship bond with your kids.

    Introduce technology

    Keeping certain guidelines, introduce your kids to the benefits of today's technologies. How they can learn new things through the internet, how to interact with their friends who are staying up far away, and cannot meet each other due to this pandemic.

    Stay in touch with their teachers

    As per today's scenario where everything is online, you need to also stay in touch with the teachers who are teaching your kids online. Keep taking the progress reports of your kids because, as responsible parents, you should know what your kids are doing online and how they are performing in their academics and other activities.

    Introduce them to current affairs

    In their growing ages, your kids should start getting introduced to the outer world too. You must tell them about few current affairs and teach them the importance of staying updated with what's going around.

    Observe your child's behavior

    Don't just keep yourself busy in your work-from-home duties; your children should always be your priority. Keep observing how your kids are behaving. See if you can observe any change in their behaviors and if yes, then try to find out the reason for the same.

    Create Memories

    Your kids are growing young, and you are growing old. After few years, all you would be left with is memories. This time will not come back. As today you are together at home, don't just keep working, start creating some unforgettable memories with your children. You will remember and cherish them in your future time.

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