March 22, 2022
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Nalin Kashyap

50 tips for getting fluent at English - Part 2

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    Each person has a different motivation for wanting to speak Fluent English. For example, you may want a better job abroad, while the others just don't want to be part of the population that doesn't know English. It's called FOMO. (Fear of missing out).

    Well, whatever your reason be. You have committed to speak in English and that too fluently.

    There's no magic spell in making you English in a day or two. But it's essential to try. The grind is important than the result.

    One thing is sure that the time it will take to improve your fluency in the English language will be worth it. Well, to change your life to a priceless turn, here are 50 tips to improve your English fluency.

    1. Effortless English - Effortless English is the result of the hard work you would do every day. Your progress, the mishaps, everything comes under effortless English.
    2. Your goal will determine your success - English is a complicated language, it will take me ages to improve my fluency. These are the harmful intents, and this hampers the goal you create. Replacing such beliefs with English is a fun language. I can quickly learn English in a few months, which may give you motivation and goals.
    3. Make English learning your priority - No matter how much time you give to the language. What matters is time allotment daily. Make a consistent effort to learn fluency in the language**.**
    4. English isn't just a curriculum - If you are learning English with the motive of scoring or getting a passing mark. Stop it right away. View the English language as a way of life.
    5. A friend in need is a friend indeed - Discover your study buddy within your group. It is said we learn better in a company. The friend will also have a positive impact on you.
    6. Allow time for improvement - A goal should be realistic and achievable. Write down your daily commitment and give yourself time to improve.
    7. Self-appreciation is necessary - Never shy away from appreciating your feats and achievements, even if it is a small one.
    8. See English as a fun subject - Learning any language is never tough. It's just about finding the exciting aspect. Find out the fun learning activity in learning and improving fluency in English.
    9. Read more than just textbooks - Your growth and education can't be completed by reading one book. Try using different genres of books and see what you like.
    10. Discussion is important - To gain fluency in the language, communication with other beings is important. List out things or topics that you can discuss with your group.
    11. Use the internet efficiently - There is abundant material available on the internet. You just have to think about where to invest your time: Google the latest buzzwords and current affairs.
    12. Slide into forums and groups: Being a part of a community helps build relations, and sharing knowledge becomes easy. You can access materials shared by them.
    13. Vocabulary is the backbone - Vocabulary gives you additional comfort and flexibility as a speaker. This can only be possible through exposure to the English language.
    14. Listening is learning - Being a good listener is equally important as being a good speaker. You understand a lot more when you observe and try to contemplate accordingly.
    15. Dialogues can be your best friend - Watching films, tv-series and soap operas can improve your English fluency. Watching such shows can make you aware of the type of English being spoken in the modern world.
    16. Grammar is not for muggers - If you believe that grammar can be mugged up. Sorry but you are wrong. We often take grammar classes very lightly. But grammar requires extreme practice and regular understanding.
    17. Accents shouldn't be your aim - English is spoken in different ways by people from different cultures. Stick to the language. Even native speakers make mistakes.
    18. The English language is dynamic - English is evolving every year. One must be fit and flexible enough to adapt to such changes. Fluency depends on this transition.
    19. Find a tutor - Mentor helps a ton. Every time you make a mistake or have a doubt, you can rely upon the mentor to instruct you.
    20. Indulge into studies possessing English language - To make English a part of your life and improve your fluency a bit better, you can choose your education in such a way that directly impacts your English speaking skills—e.g., studying abroad.
    21. Happy students learn more - The best way to improve English fluency is filtering out all the negative notions and reducing stress. Every time you get overwhelmed by the English language changes your mental and physical state.
    22. Find Role Model - One successful way to improve yourself is by observing a successful person and exploring them. You might relate to their journey of English speaking and might end up being more victorious.
    23. Fit English in your life goals - Maybe you want to travel the world, or maybe you want to be a writer. English may help you achieve your dreams. Adapt the language in such a way that it fulfills your life goals.
    24. Learn phrases instead of words - Phrases will help you make sentences and understand them. While learning single words might make this process a bit lengthy.
    25. Learn the natural way - The habit of writing and reading is the backbone of improving English fluency.
    26. Repetition is the key - We all have translated English and tenses to understand it better. This is because you haven't practiced deep learning. Through repetition and revision, your English stays with you longer.
    27. Re-Evaluate your learning - What you have been learning, and the learning methods should be changed repeatedly. This enhances your spectrum as a learner and never lets's get exhausted**.**
    28. Speaking is more critical - The quickest way to improve your fluency in English is by speaking. Everything, in the end, will judge how well you say.
    29. Think of language as a skill - Learning English is not a chemical formula or mathematical equation. If you haven't thought of English as a skill, you have been learning the wrong way.
    30. Use the English language as a tool - If you want to improve fluency in the English language. Inculcate it in everything you do. Podcasts, movies that you are interested in should revolve around English.
    31. Never be silent - Learning English and improving in fluency boosts your confidence. While you are trying to improve, you can't be silent.
    32. Record yourself every day - Make an audio diary and record yourself every day. You can playback your audio to notice the mistake and work on it.
    33. Watch English news channels - The English new anchors have a clear and basic command of the language. The improving phase can be easy when you start watching the news every day.
    34. Read Newspapers - As dull as it may sound. But reading newspapers enhances English in the best way.
    35. Write a Journal or diary every day - From writing about how your day was to pen down your views on political issues. Journals and diary writing induces fluency and creativity.
    36. Read what you write - It will improve your mistakes, and your speaking can be expanded. Sometimes your eyes may not see the errors, but ears can.
    37. Start observing A quality that can make you a writer. Being observant doesn't just make you a thoughtful human, but also you get new ideas. This can be used in English writing.
    38. Ask more - Asking will clear your doubts. Please don't assume that it will waste time. What if, through your questions, a lot more learners can be helped.
    39. Communicate with people - Ideas and suspicions can be solved once you start communicating.
    40. Read novels and stories - Stories hold power to deliver information to your brain effortlessly. This can train you to respond and learn fast.
    41. Understand prefix and suffix - Prefix comes before a word and suffix after it. A Lot of combined words are compelled using these prefixes and suffixes.
    42. Use the visual medium of learning - Pictures and videos can be the best medium to learn things faster. Discover new words through pictures and images.
    43. Use every new word you learn - This technique will ensure that you never forget the word you practiced that day. A better understanding of the context will be strengthened.
    44. Prepare a word list: When you start going to complex words, prepare a word list. This word list will be a go-to dictionary that can act as a guide.
    45. Start describing everything you feel - English language learning can be a part of yours if you associate it with your daily chores. This can also be a growth parameter for you.
    46. Teach your young siblings - This can tend to improve your IQ. Explaining things to younger ones can enhance your knowledge.
    47. Never cheat - Lazy English learning can lead you to short success but wouldn't let you live a successful life. The same goes with cheating, it can help you with a particular test, but it won't be helpful on a larger scale**.**
    48. Spellings shouldn't be avoided - Learning spellings should also be a part of your learning method. English can be contradictory at times. The pronunciation and understanding of silent alphabets can be comprehended.
    49. Travel to learn - Travelling gives you a learning experience altogether. Understanding culture is essential to understand the traits of native speakers.
    50. English language learning games - Word games Cross world puzzles can be the best learning games to help you be fluent in English.

    Think оf English аs go-to to learning. So that yоu саn use tо get sоmething yоu wаnt оr need in life. Whether yоur gоаls аre саreer-оriented, study-bаsed оr just sосiаl, fluent English in itself is the finаl destinаtiоn. Insteаd, it is the bridge thаt will helр yоu сrоss the river аnd reасh the оther side. Yоur tаsk is tо build this bridge briсk-by-briсk аnd dаy-by-dаy. Let’s stаrt building!

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