March 22, 2022
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Nalin Kashyap

50 tips for getting fluent at English

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    Do you know which language is understood by the maximum population of the world?

    Yes, you are right, it's English.

    English, the influential International language, is an institution of its own.

    A speaker with fluent English speaking skills is regarded as a magnetic and fascinating personality. English fluency of any kind positively impacts the listener. People who speak clear English are treated and considered far more superior than anyone.

    Fluency is the soul of every language. When it comes to the English language, it becomes a great booster of your confidence.

    To give a boost to this confidence, here are 50 ways that can improve your English fluency.

    1. Set Goals that are realistic.
    2. Don't just focus on learning and writing; give equal importance to speaking English.
    3. Try speaking in English whenever you can.
    4. Make friends that share the same goal as yours.
    5. Never shy away from making mistakes.
    6. Start with basic sentences in English and then move to complex ones.
    7. Enroll in a credible English learning course.
    8. Put in extra effort to improve pronunciation.
    9. Never settle for less; try telling more.
    10. Every mistake will make you learn something.
    11. Listen to English music
    12. Practice English Tongue Twister.
    13. Change your social media accounts language to English.
    14. Have an Agenda for learning a new word every day.
    15. Attend and be a part of public speaking seminars.
    16. Take it slow. Never rush.
    17. Don't be hesitant in asking questions.
    18. Keep yourself motivated and always keep your goals in mind.
    19. Keep a notebook and dictionary with you.
    20. Start reading a book. Begin with something you love achieving.
    21. Start writing; blogs and journals can be a great choice.
    22. Listen to podcasts and radio stations. (English)
    23. Keep your short-term goals and long-term goals clear.
    24. Learn pauses and stress in English pronunciation.
    25. Create a personality of your own rather than imitating someone else.
    26. Never let an opportunity go to waste.
    27. Find your passion for why you want to learn English.
    28. Learn to be a better listener.
    29. Never let learning be boring. Always try to be a part of fun English learning activities.
    30. Never lose hope. There's always a chance of improvement.
    31. Follow English news.
    32. While learning English, always have a stronghold on grammar.
    33. Be productive even if you are not learning the language. Will keep your mind healthy.
    34. Don't focus on accent.
    35. Always review and revise what you learned.
    36. Take weekly tests for self-assessment.
    37. Play games for learning the language. E.g., crosswords, scrabble.
    38. Age is never a Barrier. Learn English when young and even when you are old.
    39. Verbs, pronouns need regular touch.
    40. Keep the study environment healthy and clean.
    41. Never let bad marks discourage you.
    42. Even if you are a beginner, every step you take from today will be a giant leap tomorrow.
    43. Whenever you watch English movies, always remember to turn on English subtitles.
    44. Highlight words that are unusual and mark them when you read.
    45. When confused regarding anything, always trust your gut feeling
    46. Keep track of your record.
    47. Use the new words that you learn every day in your daily conversation.
    48. Storytelling is a skill through which English can be fluent.
    49. Keep up the head high in confidence.
    50. Listen to your favorite personality in public speaking.

    Always believe that you have been brought up with that fluency. The only requirement is to follow these steps religiously and with discipline. Then, one day you will fly with the golden wings of English fluency.

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