March 22, 2022
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Kavya Agarwal

5 facts about imposter syndrome and why your children should learn to fight them

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    Have you ever encountered feelings of self-doubt or the fear of being exposed for being a fraud person? If yes, then it could be an impostor syndrome.

    Imposter syndrome can be defined as internalizing the thoughts of being faulty and not being good enough as much as people think that you are. Due to imposter syndrome, you often try to underestimate your hard work and feel like it is all because of luck, but you deserve it.

    Now, let's discuss the symptoms.

    • Feeling that you lack somewhere in your duty and responsibilities.
    • Always try to compare your own life with other people and feel like you are not worthy of having everything.
    • Always underestimate your hard work, and even when you have achieved something, you are not happy because you feel like you can't get it.
    • Feels like you are wrong to be in that place, or you should not be there.
    • Constantly try to meet up people's expectations.

    What are the possible reasons behind imposter syndrome?

    • Lack of motivation or praise at the time when they achieved something in something.
    • Individual's perceptions and beliefs
    • Gone through the constant comparisons with other siblings or relatives.
    • When you were bullied so badly.
    • Lack of social acceptance and ever feel like people leave you out.
    • Lack of awareness of your strength and weakness.
    • Lack of support when you don't have someone who believes in you unconditionally. Why children should know to overcome this

    Yes, individuals should be aware of their faulty perceptions and beliefs. We can't change our past, but we can control our present and create a positive future. The imposter syndrome will affect social, personal, and professional life if we don't overcome this.

    • Try to reconstruct your thoughts and check up on reality.
    • Make a diary and note the good appreciation you have received.
    • If you think you don't deserve a particular thing or position, try to work hard to be worthy of that position.
    • Write an appreciation note to yourself and start validating your hard work.

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