March 22, 2022
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Nalin Kashyap

12 tips for improving your English

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    What do they say? It's a Gen Z thing now to improve their English sitting at their home and on their own.

    Gone are the days when English classes were necessary for you to improve your English. Instead, those boring and strategic grammar classes needed development and a touch of fun elements.

    But what about the guidance?

    Won't they need any help?

    You Gotta problem? BlackBoard Radio has a solution. Here is the list of 12 tips to improve your English.

    • Infotainment is the new learning: Who doesn't love watching web shows and series? But what if I say you can learn English and have the same level of fun. Great, right? Put in English subtitles and listen to the dialogues. Read along with them to improve what you are lacking.
    • Carry a Portable Dictionary: New words and their meanings can strike you anytime and from anywhere. So it's important to be updated with new words to improve English. You never know what vocabulary can establish your repo.
    • Learn Daily Idioms: Idioms are a creative way of improving English. They can be handy when a simple thing can be illustrated with idioms. It will further help to paint a positive and unique image of yours.
    • Practice Tongue Twisters: Tongue twisters can help you expose several speaking drawbacks. Practice them at regular intervals to get through that.
      Some of the tongue twisters you can try daily are:-
    1. Рeter Рiрer рiсked а рeсk оf рiсkled рeррersА рeсk оf рiсkled рeррers Рeter Рiрer рiсked If Рeter Рiрer рiсked а рeсk оf рiсkled рeррers Where’s the рeсk оf рiсkled рeррers Рeter Рiрer рiсked?
    2. Betty Bоtter bоught sоme butter But she sаid the butter bitter If I рut it in my bаtter, it would mаke my bаtter bitter But а bit оf better butter will mаke my bаtter better.
    3. She sells seаshells by the seаshоre
    • Get in through a Course: Giving this very tip in 2015 could have been an unreasonable one. But in 2021 where you can enroll in any course that too from anywhere. Why waste that opportunity. In addition to that, joining a course will provide you with a certificate that you can employ in your professional life.
    • Surround Yourself With English orators: The most influential persons in our lives are our family and friends. We try to imitate their actions, and we can easily make them role models. Wouldn't that be effective and beneficial to have someone who speaks English? You don't have to hire a tutor. Scout the best options nearby. It saves money and makes it amusing.
    • Avoid one-word answers and replies: Always give in extra, one-word replies will not only hamper your learning, but you won't have a healthy conversation as well. It might end soon. The person with whom you are talking might also feel that you are disinterested. All in all, a total loss.
    • Grab onto Opportunities: If you get a chance to speak, never let that opportunity go away. It's the best way to improve. E.g., No matter how much a football team trains, the only mistake will be understood when they are in a match.
    • Never ignore your Mistakes: When you commit a mistake, the first thing you do is to acknowledge it and then learn from it. Never defy your mistakes.
    • Don't Be Afraid of Making an error: Sometimes people make mistakes at a national level. It happens! If you are constantly thinking of not making errors. You might end up committing more than one. Be comfortable and confident. Never let fear rule you.
    • Extract the Best time for your learning: Scheduling while learning is important. Observe yourself and prepare a schedule accordingly. That will be your most productive and ideal time to learn.
    • Challenge Yourself: You might face situations of doubts, thoughts and feelings that others are better than you. Never let that overrule you. Instead, please take it as a challenge and compete till you win.

    Being prolific is closer to possible than you might have believed. That's been it, rather than having a FOMO all your life. So let's build it together to improve English and grow in your career.

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