March 22, 2022
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12 best children books in English

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    Раrents knоw hоw роwerful stоrytelling саn be when it соmes tо teaching their kids оr саlming them dоwn, but mоst рeорle dоn’t reаlize the sсienсe behind this роwerful fоrсe. The right side оf оur brаin рrосesses оur emоtiоns аnd аutоbiоgrарhiсаl memоries, but оur left side is whаt mаkes sense оf these feelings аnd reсоlleсtiоns.

    This is whаt stоrytelling dоes: it аllоws us tо understаnd оurselves аnd оur wоrld by using bоth оur left аnd right hemisрheres tоgether. Tо tell а stоry thаt mаkes sense. It’s imроrtаnt fоr kids оf аll аges tо tell their stоries, аs it helрs them try tо understаnd their emоtiоns аnd the events thаt оссur in their lives. Sоmetimes раrents аvоid tаlking аbоut uрsetting exрerienсes, thinking thаt dоing sо will reinfоrсe their сhildren’s раin оr mаke things wоrse. Асtuаlly, telling the stоry is оften exасtly whаt сhildren need, bоth tо mаke sense оf the event аnd tо mоve оn tо а рlасe where they саn feel better аbоut whаt hаррened

    On that note, here are 12 books that every child would read.

    • Charlotte's web- Written by e.b white. This book touches your heart. The story is very simple, it's about barnyard animals, and our main character is a pig named Wilbur, who is being put up for slaughter. The story follows Wilbur trying to survive and the friendship he develops with a spider named charlotte. The story touches upon some really deep topics like love, friendship, death, sadness. They're conveyed in a simple way that is very easy for kids to understand.
    • Goosebumps - Written by RL Stine. Now, if you're looking for a good horror read, then go for goosebumps. It is for slightly mature kids, so if you're like 17 or 18 years old, then you might not find them as scary. They use a very cliched formula. There are haunted houses or clowns, vampires, and ghosts. If you want a little bit of a spook, then goosebumps are the perfect place to start.
    • Very Hungry Caterpillar - Written by Eric Carr. This book is filled with beautiful illustrations. It's only 28 pages long. The illustrations in it will teach your kid how to count the number of days in a week, counting different food items, different types of food, and how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. If you have a small kid and want to instill the habit of reading while keeping it very interesting with all the colors. Then it would be best if you gave this book a try.
    • The little book of Hindu deities - Written by Sanjay Patel, who has also written several religious books. It's an excellent book if you want your kid to learn about religion. For example, the reader will teach your kid why Ganesh Ji has a trunk and why a specific god behaves in a certain way. It would enhance your knowledge.
    • Panchatantra - Panchatantra stories are something that every Indian should be proud of. These stories originated in India, and then many other countries adopted and translated them into their languages. The book is an excellent way to instill the habit of reading in your kids. You ask them to read aloud to you, and then you can ask them what the moral lessons you have learned from it are. Each story is associated with a moral lesson.
    • Diary Of a Wimpy Kid - Diary of a wimpy kid, revolves around a very notorious kid who causes trouble for his parents, his sister. He eventually has his way in the end. The fonts are huge, so it's effortless for the eyes to read as well. They are so much fun.
    • Clementine - The book is very similar in terms of the illustrations and the fonts to the diary of a wimpy kid, but this book is more intelligently written. The book appeals more to slightly older kids. This is a story-centric book.
    • Ronald Dahl books - Two books by Ronald, Matilda and the second one, is Charlie in the chocolate factory which has a very famous character called Willy Wonka. In terms of the writing style, the story has a moral lesson, and there are lots of surprises. There is a thrilling element in all of these.
    • My first book of money - My first book of money was written by Ravi Subramanian. You can teach someone about the concept of money which is very rare and unique. This book has a story, and there are two kids, brother, and sister, who are trying to learn how money works. So, their parents teach them how money works. There are lots of things that will teach your kid about why money matters.
    • Little Prince - The little prince by Antonio was first written in french language. Then it was translated into many languages. It became a best-selling novel. It's a universal book to read. This book is filled with lots of beautiful illustrations. The story of this book revolves around a prince that has come from a different planet, and he makes friends with a boy. It's their story, but it is wonderful.
    • Harry Potter Series - The last is Harry Potter books, which are very suitable for kids. It involves lots of deaths, moments of evil people. It's more suitable for teenagers. It teaches everything about life, magic, and friendship. Jk Rowling will be your favorite author.
    • Little Woman - Little Women by Louisa Alcott is a classic but exceptionally simply written. It can be read by children who are around 13 to 14 years of age. It's about the lives of four sisters, and it's set during the American Civil war. The sisters are flawed characters. It gives such a feminist angle to the way it describes its female characters.

    Did we miss out on anything? Do tell us in the comment section. Which priceless book we missed mentioning on the list.

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