March 22, 2022
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Kavya Agarwal

11 sports phrases to teach your children

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    We have always heard that "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." This is said because apart from academics, sports also play a vital role in the holistic growth of an individual. Not every lesson of life can be taught in the classroom. Sports have their ways of teaching children the most important lessons of life.

    • "You know who a champion is? Someone who manages to get up even when he possibly can't."
    • If you think it's all over, just stands up and start all over again.
    • "Nothing comes easy. Continue training yourself. You'll conquer what you want."
    • This means that nothing is easy to get in life. All you need to do is, Keep doing your work, and one day you will surely get what you always wanted.
    • "You have to be consistent every single day and show you are capable of winning."
    • Winning isn't easy. It would be best to stay consistent with what you do to win what you are good at.
    • "The climb is tough, but the view from the top is worth it, my child."
    • The way to success is hard, but you need to stick to it. After getting that success, things are different.
    • "Always keep in mind why you started if you feel like giving up."
    • Whenever you think things are getting harder or you think to quit what you do, always just think about why you started it.
    • "Great things never came from comfort zones. Grow. Hustle. Compete."
    • If you think you can achieve something great without extra effort and hard work, you are wrong, my friend. You need to work hard and get out of your comfort zone to achieve something great in life.
    • "Train yourself like a beast because you can, and you will reach your goals."
    • This means that, work so hard that there is no other way to reach where you want to.
    • "A winner will make it happen. It could be difficult, may seem impossible, but it's possible."
    • When you want to achieve something, you might think this is impossible at some point in time. But you know what? It is possible, and you will do it because you are a winner, and winners are made to make it happen.
    • "Accept the fact to excel in any field, hard work and consistency go hand in hand."
    • To grow in any sector, you need to work hard and stay consistent at whatever you do.
    • "No one will come to support you. You have to be your cheerleader."
    • No one is happy with your success. Learn to celebrate all your small and significant achievements alone. Congratulate yourself for whatever you have accomplished.
    • "If you can hustle hard in silence, you can win every battle, no matter what."
    • Remember, if you focus on your goals and keep working hard towards them, you will win.

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