March 22, 2022
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Nalin Kashyap

10 words to learn in this monsoon

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    It's pouring outside. That's why you have pakodas in your hand. You probably must be thinking of going in the rain and having the best moment of your life. But mother's curse you can't go outside. Well, we have something more enjoyable for you.

    The monsoon season gives us a break from the fierce heat. So why not take this opportunity to improve our vocabulary.

    Here are 10 monsoon words that you must be aware of.

    1. Drizzle - Meaning - Fine Drops of Rain.

    Sentence Formation: It's just a drizzle. The match might begin soon.

    1. Downpour - Meaning - When it rains heavily.

    Sentence Formation - Come inside! It's Downpouring crazy.

    1. Cloud Burst Meaning - Is a sudden heavy rainfall. It has a connection to thunderstorms.

    Sentence Formation: The cloudburst in    Himachal has caused hindrance in traveling.

    1. Precipitation - Meaning - The amount of rainfall.

    Sentence Formation: The two-third of precipitation will fall in December.

    1. Drencher - Meaning - a system of water heads for protection

    Sentence Formation: Drencher can protect smoke and combustion in an area.

    1. Flood - Meaning - Overflow of flowing water

    Sentence Formation: Death Trolls rise as China witnesses the biggest ever flood.

    1. Windstorm - Meaning - Strong winds that can damage trees.

    Sentence Formation: God knows how the trees will survive the windstorm.

    1. Deluge - Meaning - Overflow.

    Sentence Formation: The scenes from the Yamuna aren't pleasant. We can see a deluge of water that is destroying the land.

    1. Whirlwind - Meaning - A strong circular wind that travels across the land.

    Sentence Formation: Stay in your houses, everyone. The whirlwind is arriving at the speed of 10 km/p.

    1. Hurricane - Meaning- A storm that causes heavy rain and flow of wind.

    Sentence Formation: Fani was the last hurricane that hit Indian soil.

    The monsoon season is still on the cards; display your vocabulary before your friends, family members, and teachers. Finally, we bid you goodbye until the next season.

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