March 22, 2022
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Nalin Kashyap

10 tips for improving public speaking

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    Are you one of the people that have been under-confident for years because you fear speaking in public?

    If yes, you don't have to worry because you are just 99% of the world's population.

    You would be proud to be a part of the 1% of the world population that knows how to speak in public.

    You can be an efficient public speaker, yes you can!

    Well, if you are new to public speaking, congratulations, you already know half of it. It might seem strange. Half of the communication is done through body language and not words.

    You see a kid looking at the ice cream cone. You already know what he wants to convey.

    With this positive mood, let's focus on enhancing your public speaking skills in 10 easy ways.

    1. The secret to Success - Practice - It isn't a secret at all. This tip is available everywhere in the books and on the internet. But what isn't known is how. The answer is simple Repetition. Start small and keep learning and building little by little. You will slowly have enough public speaking skills that seemed impossible before.
    2. Brainstorm your Topics - When brainstorming, you list every idea that struck your chords. The goods, the bad you must know everything about the subject you are going to talk about. Practice and research can help you with mind mapping.
    3. Analyze your audience before the speech - The topics that you have selected might be hard. It may not be understandable to a lot of audiences. Knowing about the audience will let you know what type of words you can use to explain your topics better.
    4. You should be aware of Presentation time - Presentation time is when you are allowed to speak. You should shape your speech based on the time allotted to you. Five minutes? Ten minutes? The skill of an effective speaker is to narrow as well as expand their material according to the time allotted.
    5. Build audience interest - To must have supporting material that builds audience interest. You can strike the chords by taking them by surprise, making them laugh, and touching their feelings; this increases the audience's chances of listening to you.
    6. Swift Transitions - Transition in public speaking indicates movement from one phase to another. You might add phrases like Moving on, let's take a look, and now that you are aware of ABC, let's focus on cde.
    7. Learn Impromptu Speaking - Impromptu speaking means delivering your speech at the very moment. Sounds strange, right? Live seminars can surprise you, and you never know what's going to happen next. In case of a mishap or a terrible situation, you can lead the stage by learning impromptu speaking.
    8. Rate of Delivery - Going quickly from one phase to another can hurt the message you want to send. Make sure you don't fall under a slow speaker category or a fast speaker category. Speak at a speed that encompasses the audience's interest.
    9. Tone - Just like a bold sentence in a word file draws your attention, you want your audience to be attentive towards you as well. Raising or lowering your pitch at certain words can provide you with that attention. Try a lower pitch when you convey a message and a higher pitch if you post a question or alarm the audience.
    10. Body language matters - Natural body language can add flair to your speech. Every gesture has a meaning attached to it. Make sure to make the fitting gesture at the right time. Open your arms when you grasp something from the audience. Hands at your back mean you are stiff and rigid. Always remember too many gestures are distracting.

    Even if yоu dоn't mаke regulаr рresentаtiоns in frоnt оf а grоuр, publiс sрeаking is а skill for everyone. Frоm mаking а sрeeсh аt а friend's wedding tо insрiring а grоuр оf vоlunteers аt а сhаrity event, you may be called to address a large audience. Develорing yоur рubliс sрeаking skills саn inсreаse yоur соnfidenсe аnd helр yоu оverсоme sрeeсh-relаted аnxiety yоu mаy hаve.

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