Why English is so pervasive in Indian higher education system?

December 16, 2022
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Vatsal Dusad

Why English is so pervasive in Indian higher education system?

India is a land of many language - so many languages have taken birth in India itself.

However, almost all of university and higher education (at-least in central university) happens in English.

Why is that?

Having one language in use can be explained by ease and efficiency to manage between diaspora of people that attend same university.

But Why English? Here are 3 potential reasons why?

1. English helps in getting all the good jobs. A large part of Indian economy is built by service vehicle to western countries - as BPO, IT consulting, accounting and many other fields. The jobs created by this vehicle have made millions of Indian generate lot of wealth for them. Even the service industry that focusses on rich Indians require good English. English simply helps in getting good jobs.

2. English has become the language of science. If you do anything in science today, you need to become good at English. All major scientific journals are published in English, and if you want your work to be read by an international audience, then you need to know good English.

3. English is the only working language Indians have been able to agree upon. As much frustrating it is for several people, because English is no longer anyone’s language in India, it is automatically accepted as a neutral language and hence no region feels other region is gaining supremacy on top of them.

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