Why am I not able to crack interviews despite 10+ years of solid work experience and relevant skills?

January 8, 2023
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Vatsal Dusad

Why am I not able to crack interviews despite 10+ years of solid work experience and relevant skills?

Have you ever asked yourself that?

Perhaps you have not brushed up on your interview skills in a long time.

As a senior, your interview answers should reflect the wisdom and expertise you gained over the years before you can crack your dream job. So here are 3 qualities your interview answers should have:

1. Providing specifics - When you're a fresher, you have not done much. But, as a senior, you must have worked on several projects. You should be able to highlight your specific contributions to the project. It cannot be - "I demonstrated excellent leadership and changed the trajectory for my company." An acceptable response is, "I was part of a sales training team where I worked on reskilling an entire team of 12 people to a new technology, increasing our work efficiency by 20%."

2. Illustrate how you handle challenging situations - Conflicts at work are impossible to avoid. Sometimes they are petty ego clashes, while teams have competing interests at other times. How you handle these conflicts and situation makes a lot of difference. All your future employers would love to know you are a problem finder or solution donor. Give illustrative examples of how you handle challenging situations. It gives an insight into your character - which can be a moving factor for a senior position.

3. Demonstrate what career plan you have for the future -Freshers are looking for a foot in the door. But, senior professionals should provide a trajectory for the future of their careers. Since you would lead a team, you should be able to express how you lead your own future. It also helps your future employer get more perspective on if you are a relevant fit for the team.

I believe the above communication skills all senior working professionals need to master.

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