What is the most important area I should focus on to improve my communication?

January 4, 2023
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Vatsal Dusad

“What is the most important area I should focus on to improve my communication?” - asked one of our customers.

“What do you think?” - I asked.

“Umm, I think probably vocabulary, confidence, and body language are the most important, “ - he replied.

“NO” - I rejected his answer 100%

Are you confused - as he was?

If you are curious - what is the most important area in communication for you to improve? Then here is the answer.

“Clarity, Clarity and Clarity” - Clarity in communication is most important.


Because if the communication is not clear, it misses the point of communication.

Unclear communication causes confusion, adds tension, and leads to delays and losses.

Are you still unconvinced - questioning how clarity takes precedence overconfidence and body language?

Clarity takes the number #1 position in communication because:

- Clear communication has a direction - Are you not frustrated when you have a long talk that leads nowhere? When communication is clear, it achieves a meaningful conclusion.

- Clear communication leads to concrete actions - when everyone is on the same page, and it is easy to delegate tasks and responsibilities. Otherwise, everyone is confused about who is doing what - and nothing is achieved.

- Clear communication is simple and hence is understood by everyone. Using complex words, jargon, and internal acronyms may make you sound smart, but you will be disliked by everyone who doesn’t understand you.

- Clear communication is efficient - it saves time. When you use simple language, have a structure, and defined actions, then less communication achieves more saving time.

If you differ, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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