The secret skill based on which your boss will decide his

December 31, 2022
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Vatsal Dusad

Do you know the secret skill based on which your boss will decide his

- Choices for promotion, or

- Picks for international conferences, or

- Favorites to handle the best clients

The answer is Communication Skills!

Your knowledge of your subject - technology, legal, accounting, operations, etc. is necessary to get your foot in the door.

But YOU must also have Communication Skills if you want to fly high.


- Enhances your personality - When you charm people around you with your good communication, you come out as an intelligent person. Someone who other people look up to and reach out first when they need any help. This builds your overall credibility as a dependable person and a team player. These qualities make your case when your bosses are looking for their favorite picks to handle the most premium clients.

- Gives you a confidence boost through social validation - When you communicate the value of work, you also get admiration for your contributions. These admirations - a pat on the back, recognition in front of the team, a bonus, or a promotion provide a massive social validation and a confidence boost to you. This confidence boost further helps you in making bolder career decisions which can lead to some career-defining wins.

- Better connection with team members and colleagues - Socialising at work is not optional. Your colleagues, seniors, and juniors will form your network's foundation. This network is who you call when you're finding a new job, looking for recommendations, or scouting the talent for your start-up. The connections and relationships you build today will pay a dividend for years.

- Greater advancement of your career - When you know as the ONE who reliably communicates with external contributors, resolves the conflict between internal team members and is the go-to person to reach when the problem needs solving, you will find yourself on a quick road to career growth. You will be the management's first pick to lead the next big project in your company.

Learning soft skills can have a hard impact on your career. You got the job; now go get that growth!

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