Planning to apply study VISA to the US, UK, or Europe

December 20, 2022
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Vatsal Dusad

If you are planning to apply study VISA to the US, UK, or Europe - this post will help you.

Now, I never applied for a study Visa abroad. But many in my circle, including my younger brother Varshit Dusad, did.

And over a tea-time conversation, he explained the importance of Visa interviews and how good communication skills are necessary to crack them.

Regardless of your country of application, you have to appear for a VISA interview.

The VISA officer has a big say in determining whether your application is accepted. VISA interviews are not complicated, but they are sensitive. Hence, it is helpful to prepare in advance.

The VISA officer wants to know a few things about you:

- you are who you say you are,

- judge what your intentions of entering their country are (it should always be to study), and

- what are your ties to your home country?

Here are some of the handy suggestions he gave out to every prospective applicant


Regardless of your country of application, assume the VISA interview be in English. Hence, ensure you are clear, comfortable, and confident in spoken English.

Before the interview, practice speaking slowly with good pronunciation. It's OK if you don't appear as a great speaker - make sure you can talk to the officer.


VISA interview questions are pre-defined. A quick google search will help you find what those questions are for your specific Visa.

Make sure you read the most upvoted answers on Reddit, quora, and gradcafe. Don't copy answers from the internet word for word.

Write bullet points for your Answer and practice like an actual interview. You can do this with a trusted friend and family member.


Sometimes you would feel tempted to provide misleading answers hoping you would over-smart the interviewer. However, that rarely works.

Ensure that your answers are clear and honest. Reducing vague statements will boost your chance of getting a VISA.

For example, the question would be:

- What are your plans after completing your studies?

Vague Answer - I am planning to stay in the country and trying to figure out what my next move is going to be. I am open to jobs or even higher studies. But instead, I am here to explore and discover where my destiny lies.

Accurate Answer 1 - After my studies, I plan to work in a job in-line with my education as allowed by my VISA (for example, on a US visa, it is 1 years term for OPT). I will use this opportunity to up-skill myself in my field of study.

Accurate Answer 2 - I am interested in academics and want to pursue my research. After my master's, I will be applying to Ph.D. programs worldwide in my area of study, which can enable me to have an academic career.

Overall, best of luck with your admission application and future Visa applications.

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