In my last official presentation, I learnt two things :‍1 .Analyze 2. Adapt

January 15, 2023
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Vatsal Dusad

In my last official presentation, I learnt two things:

1. Analyze

2. Adapt

But I also assumed that people and audience are same.


Why? Because I didn't analyze my audience well enough. Let me introduce you to the idea of “Audience Analysis”

For effective communication, you need to understand the people you’re trying to reach. It helps you:

👉🏼 craft a message that resonates with them

👉🏼 get your point across and achieve your desired outcome.

👉🏼 better anticipate their reactions, questions, and concerns and address them.

Here’s an easy abbreviation, AUDIENCE, to conduct a thorough audience analysis.

🕴🏼 Analysis - Who are your audience? For example, are they students, conference attendees, company employees, teachers, or another group? What is the approximate group size? Remember - the same people can convert into a different audience based on context.

🧠 Understanding - What is their knowledge of the subject? Are they beginners, or should you assume a certain level of knowledge?

📊 Demographics - What is the age range of audience members? Is the group diverse, or does everyone share a certain characteristic (such as if they are all women)?

👨🏼‍💻 Interest - Why are they there? Did they choose to attend, or are they required to be there?

🏢 Environment - What is the speaking environment like? Will you stand behind a podium or present without a lectern? How will audience members be seated?

🙋🏼 Needs - What are the needs of the audience? Do they need the information to help make a decision? Are they expecting to learn how to do something?

🗂️ Customized - How should the program be customized? For example, should the examples be specific to an industry or geographic region?

🗣️ Expectations What do audience members expect? Are they expecting an emotional appeal or statistics? Do they expect to see a video as part of your speech?

Run through the above 8 pointers the next time you have to give any presentation. So that you don’t get confused between people and audience!

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