I lack confidence while speaking in front of.......

January 11, 2023
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Shubham Gupta

"I lack confidence while speaking in front of......."

I hear this statement(and its variations) from many working professionals, even those who are good at English.

No one is immune to these bouts of insecurity while speaking in their second language(in this case English), but they don’t have to hold you back.

Overcoming this self-doubt starts with honestly assessing your abilities (and your shortcomings) and then getting comfortable enough to capitalize on (and correct) them, says Deborah H. Gruenfeld.

- Practice

Practice things you are unsure about - from content to voice modulation. If you are hesitant, then start by practicing in a safe non-judgemental environment but don't give up by assuming the exertion is fruitless.

"Deliberate practice will almost always trump natural aptitude"

- Get out of your own way

To be confident, it is important to be willing to seek help when needed and to not let modesty hold you back. Confidence is not just about self-promotion, but about being able to recognize and utilize your own value and purpose. Instead of worrying about others' opinions, focus on the unique perspective you bring.

- It's OKAY to ask for validation

It is important to get feedback on your performance in order to build confidence. It is best to seek feedback from people who are honest and care about your development. Some people may need more support and encouragement than others, and it is okay to ask for it.

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