How to improve public speaking above the age of 30?

December 16, 2022
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Vatsal Dusad

How to improve public speaking above the age of 30?

If you have always been a shy person, who never took a stage and addressed people.

Then you might be confused on how or even if you can improve your speaking skills beyond the age of 30.

Absolutely Yes!

Here are 3 tips that you can use to improve your public speaking after the age of 30:

1. Start speaking up in meetings, especially that involve leadership. If you have nothing to present then perhaps ask a question or two. PS, ensure that your questions are not wasteful - as respecting other people’s time is an integral part of public speaking. What speaking up in these high pressure meeting does is, it gives you confidence to speak up even when you are nervous. This in principle is the same feeling that you have when you have to speak in front of hundreds of people. By starting with small steps of speaking in high pressure meetings, you will prime yourself for public speaking.

2. Participate in outreach programs by your company. Most large companies have outside of job programs - CSR, organising talks and conferences or even hosting an event. Step up and volunteer. This will require you to talk to people outside of your comfort zone. The broader your exposure becomes the more you will get comfortable talking to a wider audience.

3. Actually do public speaking - ask your boss to allow you to present in the next meeting. Take more opportunities in client facing roles. Participate in conferences and opt for speaking role. If you have a lot of experience and knowledge to share then you should take these opportunities. Many companies also have a toastmasters club. If your company has one, you should consider joining one. If not, then look for a community club in your city and join them.

These are my 3 tips on how to improve your public speaking after the age of 30.

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