Hard skills vs soft skills - the curious case of engineering in India

December 17, 2022
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Vatsal Dusad

Hard skills vs soft skills - the curious case of engineering in India

Engineering is all the rage in India. That doesn’t need to be over-stated.

However, what lot of students don’t know what to do after they get an Engineering degree.

Simple wisdom says that, you should search for a job. This is not a bad idea at all.

However, it is incomplete. Because securing a job requires you to know many things that are never taught inside your college.

Top 3 skills you should learn:

1. Creating a good resume: A good resume is first impression you make on employer. If your resume is not crafter properly - it is short, to the point, includes relevant experience, and contains no grammar mistakes. Writing resume is rarely taught in college. Your professor are used to building large, multi-page CVs that are not at all used in industry. Learning how to build a resume is a necessity to get that good job.

2. Writing good cover letters: Cover letters are not always used but they are still very common. You should be able to express your interest in a company as well as why you are a right fit. It should not be a longer version of your resume but instead it should be able to build a case on why you’re the best candidate even there are multiple candidates with similar resume.

3. Cracking the interview: Interview is the last stop before you can get the desired job. However, this can be the most difficult one. Because it requires you to talk to multiple people in a single room without any chance of redoing what you did. Interviews can be stressful and you require multiple mock sessions before you can nail your introduction and learn how to phrase your technical answers that are understood by everyone.

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