Feedback is important. But, giving helpful feedback is not EASY.

December 21, 2022
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Vatsal Dusad

Feedback is important. But, giving helpful feedback is not EASY.

But, recently, I came across a unique framework that makes giving feedback to anyone as simple as drawing an apple.

We want our team to grow and not repeat mistakes. But unfortunately, some of these can cost the companies sometimes crores of rupees and even cost the employees their job.

So what is this unique framework that simplifies giving feedback in any situation?

Full Disclosure - this is not my original idea but something I learned when I visited my first meeting of Toastmasters International

The simple framework is the CRC approach, also called as Sandwich approach of feedback. Here,

C - Commendation

R - Recommendation

C - Another commendation

The first thing that struck me was that feedback doesn’t have only to point out mistakes and improvements.

Instead, every feedback session should involve a positive dose of Commendation for every win your team has made.

According to CRC, you start with Commendation - say something positive and empowering.

Then you provide a recommendation. First, inform your team of their shortcomings. Then, tell them practical suggestions on where they can improve.

Finally, you share another commendation - say something motivating and encouraging.

Finally, summarise and conclude everything you said in your feedback. Also, ensure that your feedback ends up on a high note.

I will say - I was mind-blown by the effectiveness of this framework. It is simple and elegant and makes giving feedback super simple.

So what do you think about the CRC framework? Will you use it? Let me know in the comments.

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