Do you want to know 3 hidden tips that only top-performing public speakers use?

January 2, 2023
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Vatsal Dusad

Do you want to know 3 hidden tips that only top-performing public speakers use?

You are all aware of the common tips - better vocal projection, good body language, use of humor, etc.

But these tips are skin deep. They will help you to stand up on stage but not stand out as a speaker.

Today, I am sharing 3 hidden tips only top-performing public speakers use:

1. Write with your final message first - Do you write your speech from beginning to end? That must look like a natural thing to do. But this is a rookie mistake—something the top public speakers avoid. What top speakers do instead is write their final message first. Why? As a speaker, you must ensure your audience remembers your speech's main meat. And your ending is where you place this message. Hence, your finish should be catchy, informative, and memorable.

2. Keep language simple - Rookie speakers try using fancy vocabulary. Hence, their speech contains many complex words. While occasional use of big words is acceptable, you should generally use easy vocabulary and simple grammar. Because if your audience doesn't understand you, then there is no point in keep speaking. Writing in simple language will feel silly. And it does require a fair amount of hard work to get to the point using simple language. That's why top public speakers spend hours making sure their speech is simple for everyone.

3. Feedback is the only way to improve - What you may not know today is that everyone writes a terrible first draft. This included top public speakers. No one comes out and starts delivering excellent speeches in one go. All great speeches are written, edited, re-written, performed, critiqued, and improved. No one gives their best work in the first shot. Hence, the best and fastest way to improve is to go and deliver your work in front of enough people and get their feedback. The more feedback you receive, the better you will get. That is why top public speakers spend hours practicing their speeches in front of test audiences before delivering them on the big stage.

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