Chatting is not equal to communication. Both are not the same because communication has a purpose.

January 12, 2023
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Vatsal Dusad

Chatting is not equal to communication. Both are not the same because communication has a purpose.

In official meetings, do you just chat or communicate with purpose?

Meetings and presentations have a purpose that sends across a point. They are not about how much crowd they can pull. But they often turn into a chat instead of purposeful communication.

How many times have you been the victim of such pointless meetings? It's frustrating, right?

Calls at ungodly hours often force us to break from an important assignment. And they take a lot of time because the communication gets lost in translation.

Purposeful communication in meetings saves time for everyone. And it also helps unrequired members to drop out.

The purpose of your speech is to:

👉🏼 inform,

👉🏼 persuade,

👉🏼 inspire,

👉🏼 demonstrate, or,

👉🏼 entertain

Though I don't recommend this for late-night meetings!

Before you start writing your speech, it’s important to clearly identify the purpose of your speech.

💯Demonstrative - demonstrative speech shows the audience how to perform a skill, such as to apply makeup or bake a cake.

💯Informative - Informative speech shares information that will educate the audience about a particular topic or late-night issue.

💯Introductory - introductory speech is usually an about me speech in which you tell the audience about yourself. Sometimes it is to introduce another person.

💯Persuasive - a persuasive speech involves convincing the audience of something or getting them to do something, such as vote or buy a product.

💯Entertaining - an entertaining speech aims to lighten the mood and ensure everyone has a good time. In the workplace, entertaining speeches may not be useful stand-alone, but they can be very useful before or after a stressful meeting.

Keeping the purpose clear up-front helps you host the meeting efficiently and transparently, while your team members will find it easy to know what value they will derive and if they should attend the meeting.

So, next time you call your team for a meeting that compromises their family time or an important task - make sure you don’t just chat with them. Ungodly hours can still be made effective but communicating with a purpose in mind!

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