40% of people who attend BBR English foundation sessions are from the tech industry.

January 6, 2023
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Vatsal Dusad

40% of people who attend BBR English foundation sessions are from the tech industry.

Most of them are 30+ and often have the same complaints about their younger self.

They worked hard but were never noticed (read: appreciated) by their


Their complaint more or less went like this:-

“I work so hard, being punctual, and go over and beyond to resolve client issues, but I am never acknowledged. Instead, people who got all the credit were the people who spoke the most in the meetings.”

This complaint is a hard-hitting reality for many in the Indian tech industry.

As a young, passionate employee, you are already working very hard.

However, your hard work may not always lead you to desired appreciation (and perks/promotions that come along with it).

How can you get noticed by top management as a young employee?

Ideally, your manager should increase your visibility to senior leadership in your company. This is the easiest way for them to fast-track your promotions and career growth.

But, they may be unable or do not want to do it for various reasons.

So how can the top management notice you? Consider these strategies:

1. Take ownership of presenting your work. Ask your manager for opportunities to speak at venues that allow public visibility. These opportunities may be intimidating, but they will be worth it. They will help you in getting many unexpected opportunities. These can then become the stepping stone for your career.

2. Write good emails - your emails will be read by many. You can shine here in subtle ways. Many don’t know how to write good email subject lines, finish conversations in short sentences, and provide enough information in a single email. Writing good emails can be a game-changer for your career.

3. Contribute to revenue-generating activities: Nothing catches the attention of senior management, which brings in more revenue for the company. This might be harder to detect if you don’t work in sales - but if you keep your eyes open, you can see untapped opportunities. For example, Gmail started as a passion project of one employee, which turned into one of the biggest moneymakers for Google.

4. Clarify expectations: Always clarify when you have a task to do. The worst mistake you can make is to work hard on a problem that was never meant to be solved. Communicate and clarify. When you and your seniors are aligned on expectations, and you deliver them - it will help you stand out from the other people in the crowd.

5. Participate in meetings - especially involving clients and management: Most junior employees shy away from speaking up in meetings - but that is a mistake. These are rare opportunities to shine and let senior management know about your contributions. However, do not jump without prior permission. Discuss with your manager what part of the work you can present.

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