From Law to Language: How BBR English Helped Pratiksha Nale Upgrade Her Communication Skills

Created :
April 3, 2023
|Updated :
April 3, 2023
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Pratiksha Nale is a final year law student pursuing a dual degree of BBA LLB. She approached BBR English with the objective of improving her English communication skills in the workplace.

Pratiksha had two years of good academic record before the lockdown happened, and she had to study from home. In the first two months of studying from home, she gained a lot of knowledge by reading books on law and visiting courts in Mumbai and Aurangabad.

She also had experience visiting rural areas in her first year and participating in debate competitions.

The Challenge

Pratiksha Nale had good academic records in her law studies, but she faced a challenge in her English communication skills. Pratiksha had difficulty expressing her thoughts and ideas in English, and this hindered her ability to communicate effectively with her peers and colleagues.

In the legal profession, effective communication is crucial for building relationships, negotiating deals, and winning cases. Therefore, Pratiksha realized the importance of upgrading her English communication skills.

The Solution

BBR English provided Pratiksha with an effective solution to upgrade her English communication skills. BBR English is an institute that specializes in teaching English language skills to individuals and corporates.

The institute provides customized training programs to meet the specific needs of each student. BBR English has a team of expert trainers who have extensive experience in teaching English communication skills to individuals from different backgrounds.

The Approach

BBR English started with an assessment of Pratiksha's English language skills. The assessment included a grammar test, a comprehension test, and a speaking test. The results of the assessment helped the trainers to identify Pratiksha's strengths and weaknesses in English communication skills.

Based on the assessment, the trainers created a customized training program for Pratiksha.

The training program included the following components:

  1. Grammar: BBR English focused on improving Pratiksha's grammar skills, including tenses, sentence structure, and vocabulary. The trainers provided her with exercises and practice sessions to improve her grammar skills.
  2. Comprehension: BBR English also worked on improving Pratiksha's comprehension skills. The trainers provided her with reading materials on legal subjects, and she was required to read and understand the contents of the material. The trainers also tested her comprehension skills by asking her questions related to the material.
  3. Speaking: BBR English provided Pratiksha with speaking practice sessions. The trainers helped her to improve her pronunciation, intonation, and speaking style. The speaking practice sessions included role-play exercises, group discussions, and debates. The trainers provided feedback on Pratiksha's speaking skills and helped her to improve her fluency and confidence.
  4. Writing: BBR English also focused on improving Pratiksha's writing skills. The trainers provided her with writing exercises and practice sessions to improve her writing skills. The writing exercises included drafting legal documents, writing emails, and preparing presentations.
  5. Vocabulary: BBR English worked on improving Pratiksha's vocabulary skills. The trainers provided her with word lists and exercises to improve her vocabulary skills. The trainers also encouraged her to read extensively to improve her vocabulary skills.

The Learning Track

Pratiksha went through some mental blocks in her internships multiple times before joining BBR English for good:

  • She found herself unprepared to answer whenever her manager asked her something on the spot.
  • She felt underconfident when speaking in front of a group.
  • She was unable to communicate effectively with the management team.
  • She felt frustrated because her team didn’t understand her through emails nor she could read their emails correctly.

Once she signed up for the BBR foundation session in August 2022, everything started falling back into place.

Why? Because she found a great mentor in Aprajita who helped her overcome fears of speaking English.

In her foundation session, she came to know her weak areas of English communication with more depth and details.

Her calibration report at the end of the session made her realise how she fared in the important areas of English communication.

According to the roadmap, the best course of action for Pratiksha is to join the course English for Service Leaders.

Why? Because this course checked out all the boxes that Pratiksha wanted to have command on and become a top consultant in her field:

  1. She would learn the different approaches to structure her ideas and make her speech effective.
  2. She would learn essential and advanced words and using them naturally while speaking and writing.
  3. She would learn how not to worry about getting stuck while speaking in front of someone and express herself confidently.

The Outcome

After completing the training program at BBR English, Pratiksha saw a significant improvement in her English communication skills. She was able to express her thoughts and ideas more effectively in English.

Pratiksha's grammar, comprehension, speaking, writing, and vocabulary skills had all improved significantly. She was able to communicate with her peers and colleagues more confidently and effectively.

Sessions 1 to 5

Pratiksha was positive and enthusiastic, actively participated tried to inculcate every feedback that she received. She takes pauses mentioned to her mentor that he knows what to speak but needs to be able to frame sentences quickly. She scored 50% on her vocabulary test which is extremely impressive for his mentor Varsha.

She found out some excellent exercises to improve himself in terms of structuring his speech, bringing variety with voice modulation, and recording her voice to understand the pronunciation. While role-playing he was able to apply the communication skills

From the fourth session, Pratiksha saw improvement in his speaking abilities, confidence, and he began to express herself freely. She gave a speech on "Internet and its effects on the Youth". He didn't make many grammatical errors and his vocabulary was good too.

Sessions 6 to 10

Till the seventh session, she became more active and asked questions to solve queries. She incorporated points and used them to structure her speech. When given a topic in advance, she could present it well by taking care of all the aspects of communication skills.

She was participative and his grammar and vocabulary were great. She just needs to practice his pronunciation a bit more. She was able to speak confidently but makes minor grammatical errors while speaking.

From the ninth and tenth sessions, she was able to conversate effectively and deliver the contents. She could also speak confidently and tries to include gestures and facial expressions.

Sessions 11 - 15

Pratiksha was able to speak but lacks usage of advanced vocabulary. He is able to speak with expressions and voice modulations. However, she still needed to pay some attention towards facial expression too while delivering a presentation.

He learnt how to grab the attention of audience and hold on to it, by adding an element of interaction. She was able to structure and speak at length and made sentences with advanced vocabulary.

Pratiksha now started exploring different avenues like blogs, videos, and interviews to polish his content and ideas for spontaneous speaking. In the last session, Aprajita saw a change in Pratiksha, who was now more confident. She could understand the difference between formal and casual conversations. His debating abilities also improved with longer duration.

Pratiksha was also able to apply her English communication skills in her workplace. She was able to draft legal documents more effectively, communicate with clients more confidently, and present her arguments in court more convincingly.

Like Pratiksha do you also struggle to find the right words and structure the correct sentences while speaking to colleagues and juniors?

And do you also find it challenging to build relationships with overseas clients while negotiating for your company's success?

If your answer is yes to the above questions, sign up NOW for the BBR English foundation session at Rs. 499 ONLY!

Want to improve your Communication Skills?
Get a Personal Coach and Speak Fluent English in less than 3 months. Start by taking a 60 minutes Private Counselling Session to know your current English level. (Counselling session costs Rs 499, but the fee is 100% refundable if you don't like the session - No Questions Asked)
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