Breaking the Language Barrier: How a Senior IT Professional Overcame Her Communication Struggles with BBR's Personalized Mentorship

Created :
April 3, 2023
|Updated :
April 3, 2023
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Minal had always been fascinated by the world of technology. As a young girl, she had spent hours tinkering with her father's computer, learning everything she could about how it worked.

She had always known that she wanted to pursue a career in the IT industry. After completing her graduation in B.E as a computer engineer from Pune University, she had landed her first job in a software engineering company.

After two years in that role, Minal had decided to move on and explore new opportunities. She had landed a job in the IT department at HDFC Bank, where she had spent the next five years building her skills and expertise.

During this time, Minal had also gotten married and moved to Mumbai. But when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, she found herself packing her bags once again, this time returning to Pune with her 10-month-old baby girl in tow.

Despite her impressive experience and qualifications, Minal felt that something was holding her back in her new role at HDFC. As a senior member of the team, she was expected to give presentations and communicate effectively with colleagues and clients.

But she felt that her spoken English skills were holding her back. She lacked confidence and often struggled to find the right words to express herself.

Determined to improve her skills, Minal began searching for a course that would provide her with the mentorship and guidance she needed to succeed.

That's when she discovered BBR, a language school that promised to help her improve her English fluency and gain the confidence she needed to excel in her role.

Chapter 1: The Struggle Begins

Minal had always been a hard worker. She had excelled in her studies and had quickly risen through the ranks at HDFC Bank. But despite her success, she couldn't shake the feeling that she wasn't living up to her potential.

She knew that her spoken English skills were holding her back, and she was determined to do something about it.

At first, Minal tried to improve on her own. She read books, watched English movies, and practiced speaking with her colleagues.

But despite her efforts, she couldn't seem to make any progress. She still felt nervous and self-conscious when speaking in public, and she often stumbled over her words.

One day, while browsing the internet, Minal came across an advertisement for BBR, a language school that promised to help her improve her spoken English skills. Intrigued, she decided to learn more.

Chapter 2: Finding BBR

Minal was impressed by what she found on the BBR website. The school offered a variety of courses designed to help non-native speakers improve their English fluency, with a focus on real-world applications.

She was particularly interested in the Presentation Skills course, which promised to help her communicate more effectively in her senior role at HDFC.

But what really caught Minal's attention was the mentorship aspect of the program. Unlike other language schools that simply provided online courses, BBR offered personalized mentorship to each of its students.

This meant that Minal would have access to a real-life mentor who could help her work through her challenges and improve her skills in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Excited by the prospect of finally overcoming her language barriers, Minal decided to enroll in the foundation session.

After the foundation session, BBR recommended her to choose the course especially designed and customized according to her needs - English for Technology and Product Leaders.

The foundation session and the calibration report after it were the two crucial elements that brought out Minal’s hidden potential.

How? Here’s how:

  1. BBR’s foundation session at Rs. 499 is a 1-hour counselling session where mentors analyze the students weak points and strengths in spoken English communication.
  2. The analysis consists of major departments like verbal and non-verbal communication where mentors provide a score to the students based on how they fare.
  3. The calibration report is that report where students can see the analysis on all these aspects.
  4. Based on that analysis, the calibration report provides a customized roadmap or a learning track course that would best suit the student’s schedule.

Minal’s calibration report looked like this:

Chapter 3: The Journey Begins

Minal's journey with BBR began with an initial consultation with her mentor, a seasoned language expert Aparajita. During the consultation, Aprajita listened to Minal's concerns and goals and created a customized program designed specifically for her needs.

Over the next few weeks, Minal began working through the program, which included a variety of interactive exercises, role-playing scenarios, and personalized feedback from her mentor.

She was challenged to practice her speaking skills in a supportive environment and impressed her mentor along the journey.

The course for Minal transformed her confidence and speaking fluency because it specifically focused on:

  • Improvement in Minal’s presentation skills by teaching her approaches to structure her ideas and deliver them with exciting introductions and conclusions.
  • Improvement in Minal’s speech and making it effective with pauses and voice modulation.
  • Improvement in Minal’s confidence in structuring and delivering different types of presentations depending on the audience with curated strategies.

Here’s how the transformation process went through the ten sessions:

Sessions 1 to 3:

In the first session with Minal, she came out as a good listener. According to her mentors, she understood concepts really well and tried to answer correctly. Even though she is weak at grammar especially tenses and prepositions, her fluency works fine. She has the tendency to make grammatical mistakes while speaking.

So, the mentor made her work hard on revising tenses to remove her confusion when discussed in detail. She started from simple present tenses and in the second session she really showed improvement. When Minal was asked - "what did she do yesterday" and she was able to answer in the past tense. She still makes mistakes but her performance was much better in this class as compared to the first session.

The next session focused on subject-verb agreement and practicing speaking English with the people to increase her confidence.

Sessions 4 to 6:

Till the fourth session, Minal became more active and incorporated points in structuring her speech. When given a topic in advance, she could present it well by taking care of all the aspects of communication skills. However, she still struggled with impromptu speaking.

Aprajita’s strategies for holding a communication helped Minal to speak for long. Even though she could frame sentences, she needed to improve her mistakes in grammar. Minal’s attempt at delivering a presentation on “The job I’d love” was well-prepared. However, she still needed to improve her delivery. Her voice modulation and gestures also improved, making her speech more convincing and assertive.

Sessions 7 to 10:

In the seventh session, Minal could speak on a topic at length and prove her point without using much fillers. However, she still needed to pay some attention towards facial expression too while delivering a presentation.

She learnt how to grab the attention of audience and hold on to it, by adding an element of interaction. However she still became conscious while speaking on the spot and used the filler "again" frequently. Minal now started exploring different avenues like blogs, videos, and interviews to polish her content and ideas for spontaneous speaking.

In the last session, Aprajita saw a change in Minal, who was now more confident. Her debating abilities also improved with longer duration, adding facts, and examples to convince the opponent.

At the end of the course, here's what a delighted Minal had to say about BBR English:

It is evident that if you have the right guidance and support, you can overcome any fear.

BBR English helped Minal build her confidence in speaking fluent English and be able to express herself in the presentations effectively.

Do you also hesitate to speak English in front of seniors even though you are know English grammar and vocabulary?

Do you want to figure out why you feel underconfident when delivering presentations and find a solution to this to better career growth?

Then, sign up for the foundation session with BBR at only Rs. 499! NOW!

Want to improve your Communication Skills?
Get a Personal Coach and Speak Fluent English in less than 3 months. Start by taking a 60 minutes Private Counselling Session to know your current English level. (Counselling session costs Rs 499, but the fee is 100% refundable if you don't like the session - No Questions Asked)
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