BBR English Took this Senior Software Engineer One Step Closer to Becoming Project Manager in JUST 10 Weeks!

Created :
April 3, 2023
|Updated :
April 3, 2023
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How would you feel if your promotion is stuck because of your poor communication skills? Terrifying, right?

But let me tell you, you’re not alone who feels this.

How do I know this? At BBR English, our trainers come across thousands of such Software Engineering professionals who:

  • Neglected and underestimated communication skills and focused all their efforts only on programming and coding skills,
  • Spend years preparing for leadership positions while dismissing the importance of people management skills,
  • Hesitate to speak in public because of minimum interaction with colleagues (because they’re more focused on their coding skills)

Many of them eye becoming project managers and leaders and lead their teams successfully, one day.

One such software engineer - Mayur Pandurang Koli who became a student of BBR English in May 2022.

When he came to BBR English, he was an overwhelmed employee.

Serving as a Senior Software Engineer in GE Appliances, Bangalore, he wanted to become a Project Manager.

And he was worried to lose his chance of being promoted.

Why? Because his communication skills in the workplace often let him down.

He hardly interacted with four or five people in his workplace at his current position.

But he aimed to lead a team of probably fifteen to twenty people.

Can you imagine his state of mind at that moment? He felt so resentful of his circumstances that he became skeptical of his speaking abilities.

But what he didn’t understand that being judgmental of himself would lead him nowhere. It would only make him more hesitant to talk to others, especially managers.

And that’s what happened with Mayur. His skepticism made him even more hesitant while talking to people.

How? Because he continuously shamed himself for not having enough experience in facing people.

Why Mayur Felt the Need to Learn Communication Skills For Last TWO Years?

Mayur has the responsibility of developing two essential software in his company:

  1. Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) in Sales department for:
  2. Managing all company’s relationships and,
  3. Managing past and present interactions with current and potential customers.
  4. Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) for managing daily business activities involving project and risk management.

For successful development of both these software, he has to:

  • Regularly interact with the customer relationship managers
  • Perform working demos and present them to sales team.
  • Bridge the gap between product development and sales team to help close customer transactions.
  • Conduct technical design review meetings with system analysts and QA team and seek approval for development

And for the successful development of both of these software, he requires effective communication and collaboration skills.

So, if he wants to lead a team one day, he also needs to learn how teamwork works and be a team player.

Why? Because Project Management is not a position where he can survive being a lone wolf.

Preparing for a leadership position would require Mayur to build rapport with his seniors by requesting help from them without hesitation.

When an Engineer takes on the role of Project Manager, everything needs to be tied up well, ranging from:

  • Offering demos of the Documentation and giving well-articulated presentations,
  • Running scrums and keeping team members in the loop about the progress of a project,
  • Creating proposals with detailed technical acumen and explaining them in a language that non-technical individuals can understand, and,
  • Explaining your views and handling criticism by active listening and putting others around at ease

If Mayur doesn’t have communication skills that make people want to stop and listen to him - he is not eligible to lead a team.

That’s where the problem was and created a gap in his communication skills.

For the same reason he has been struggling to leave a long lasting impression due to his hesitation, fear, and low confidence for last 2 years.

And all of these factors combined made him feel withdrawn from the people in his workplace.

Why Reading Books Didn’t Help Mayur the Way BBR English Did?

When Mayur realized and recognized that he lacks the skills to manage other people, he ordered a book on Project Management Professionals to read, learn, and understand people management skills.

Although, it gave him enough knowledge about managing a team, it gave him no avenue to practice what he learnt.

He could have crammed up all the theory from the book but would it have helped him achieve confidence while speaking in front of people? The answer is NO.

The nervousness he felt amidst a group was the major reason for his low self-confidence.

For the same reason, he was looking for a program where he could get a learning environment to motivate and work diligently towards achieving his goal:

  • Group sessions
  • Meeting new people
  • Individual classes

And not finding any luck with any other program led him to come across a Facebook ad for BBR English.

Through the FB ad, he signed up for the foundation session which was only for a refundable fee of Rs. 499.

The session left a lasting impact on Mayur because of a detailed roadmap he received in the end. But that wasn’t the only thing that impressed Mayur.

After the session, his report card showed him a mirror that reflected the areas stopping him to get back his confidence and ask his manager for the promotion he was seeking.

These were the things his report showed him:

Mayur lacked language skills, sound skills, and fluency because of lack of words and grammatical mistakes.

His mentor observed that Mayur also had the inability to maintain eye contact while speaking when analyzed his body language and non-verbal communication.

3.  Monotonous speech without any voice modulation with a little effect of Mother Tongue Influence

The roadmap of the course structure he got was personalized and customized according to these problem areas with tentative schedule.

The course structure as per his learning track had:

  • A learning environment in group sessions where he could meet fellow student learners and get motivated,
  • Individual LIVE 1:1 personal mentoring sessions every week as per his convenience and schedule,
  • Regular practice sessions with worksheets, assignments, role-plays, speaking on the spot, and
  • In-depth continuous feedback from expert mentors for each assignment submitted helping him correct his mistakes

Hence, in the next three months with the course spread over 10 weeks and scheduled 10 sessions, he needed to up his game to grab that coveted promotion of Project Manager.

Mayur Pandurang’s Road to Glory With BBR English in JUST 10 Weeks

BBR recommended just the right course for the level of expertise and experience Mayur needs with English for Technology and Product Leaders.

Why? Because this course perfectly aligned with his needs and gave him the techniques, strategies, tips, and tricks to get over his problem areas.

And choosing this course was the turning point in Mayur’s career.

How? Because this course, especially for the software engineers like Mayur brought out his true hidden potential by utilizing 100% of theoretical learning through practical ways.

Under the guidance of his mentor Manpreet, he could witness the subtle and gradual transformation in the way he spoke and it started from the first session itself.

In the first session with BBR English, the mentor Manpreet asked Mayur a question. Who is a better communicator between a Salesman and a Software Engineer?

A Salesman.” He answered. When asked why? Mayur came up with this answer:

Salesmen interact with hundreds of customers in a day. A Software Engineer interacts with only four to five people.”

Mayur already knew that insufficient interaction with the people in his office has full chances of becoming a major obstacle on his way to a lead position.

He didn’t want to be the same underconfident and nervous employee while visualizing himself leading a team one day. So, he took each of the ten sessions seriously and his progress was commendably visible to his mentor.

Here’s how his progress through each session looked like:

Sessions 1 to 3:

Goals: Timed speaking, Grammar, and Vocabulary

Progress: Mayur learnt how to focus more on vocabulary and better structure sentences. He started reading more fictional books and became more diligent and an active participant. He learnt speaking creatively and describing things in detail as required. Mayur’s content for speaking increased with less mistakes and his expression became more detailed.

Result: Mayur went from an underconfident engineer to communicator who knew how to make his speech effective by taking necessary pauses and modulating his voice.

Sessions 4 to 6:

Goals: Articles and Speaking, Prepositions, Speaking Activities for Presentations

Progress: Mayur improved his usage of Grammar and prepositions writing small articles in his daily assignments. It boosted his confidence in speaking better. He cleared any doubts he had and kept correcting his mistakes. He learnt how to put more focus on the articles while speaking and deliver presentations by learning basics of public speaking.

Result: Mayur came out as an individual who now knew how to structure his ideas and deliver them with attention grabbing introductions and conclusions.

Sessions 7 - 10:

Goals: Presentation Skills and Free Speaking

Progress: He learnt how to increase his vocabulary. using proper tenses and subject-verb agreements to structure his ideas better and form opinions. He made sure his presentation skills are top notch by learning different speaking activities. It helped him polish his fluency, voice modulation, complex sentences, and storytelling techniques.

Results: Mayur transformed from a nervous wreck while talking in front of his manager to an experienced and confident employee who doesn’t take a step back to express himself anymore.

At the end of the course, Mayur Pandurang could see the impact in his speaking abilities which he lacked in the beginning. He was extremely thankful for his mentor Manpreet and praised BBR English for bringing out his potential.

Like Mayur, do you also struggle to find the right words and structure the correct sentences while speaking to colleagues and juniors?

And do you also find it challenging to speak in front of your manager or giving presentations?

If your answer is yes to the above questions, sign up NOW for the BBR English foundation session at Rs. 499 ONLY!

Want to improve your Communication Skills?
Get a Personal Coach and Speak Fluent English in less than 3 months. Start by taking a 60 minutes Private Counselling Session to know your current English level. (Counselling session costs Rs 499, but the fee is 100% refundable if you don't like the session - No Questions Asked)
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