A Mechanical Engineer from MP found the Right Code to Crack His Interviews with BBR English

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February 20, 2023
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February 20, 2023
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"I have noticed I eat up a lot of words, and the person in front of me can't understand what I say." - Nandkishor Patil, Business Development professional, Jalgaon, Maharashtra.

Nandkishor hails from a small village in Madhya Pradesh. Currently, he resides in Jalgaon, Maharashtra holding an experience 2.5 years of as a Business Development (Sales) professional.

He is in search of a new job in the Service Industry. For that, he has given a lot of interviews in the past but has yet to be successful. He is just not able to crack them.

Why? Because he finds himself stuck while framing correct English sentences in the presence of someone. He also tends to eat a few words, which makes the other person unable to understand him.

Nandkishor needs to gain practical English communication skills. And it's the main reason behind his inability to crack interviews.

Hence, now he finds speaking in front of an interviewer challenging.

His unluckiness in cracking interviews made him work towards a big goal of being able to speak English like a native American one day.

Keep reading ahead to know how Nandkishor outgrew himself with the right people at BBR English by his side.

How Was Nandkishor's Life as a BD Sales Professional from a Mechanical Engineer?

Nandkishor Patil had his priorities sorted once he left his hometown village of Madhya Pradesh.

"Growth stops after a point when you're in your hometown. You need to be around the right people to continue progressing."

He wanted to move out of his town in search of better job opportunities.

After completing his primary education in MP, he shifted to Jalgaon, Maharashtra, for secondary high school.

He completed his Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering from Jalgaon.

But destiny had something else written for him. He switched his profession and went into sales.

From the 2nd year of graduation, he started realizing he didn't want to be around machines. He wanted to be around people so he could converse and help them. Why?

When he passed out from his college in 2019, he saw a slack in the mechanical market sector. And finding a job was his priority at that time.

Prominent manufacturers hardened their production. People who already had jobs were scared of losing them.

So, he explored other alternatives and tried to take a course in Digital Marketing. But that's when an opportunity in Pune struck.

One of his friends was working in a company and had an opening. He worked hard for that role because he wanted it badly.

When he appeared for the interview, the company liked Nandkishor's skills. And they onboarded him.

He went to Pune and joined the office as an intern. It was only 4-5 months working from the office, and he was settling into the culture when Covid hit.

Why Nandkishor Wanted to Improve English Communication with Guided Practice?

He studied in his mother tongue Marathi till his 10th, but now the curriculum changed to English.

It was a strange time for him because he only had a few educated friends in his circle with whom he could speak in English.

And when he appeared for his first interview in Pune, he felt like he got hit by a rock.

Why? Because he was a rookie in the Sales department from an engineering background.

He felt at a loss for words when speaking in front of his interviewers.

He started committing silly grammar mistakes. He couldn't frame correct English sentences.

It was another challenge because he couldn't identify why he faced problems speaking English.

Because he was good at written English, he knew Grammar and vocabulary.

He worked from home for two years under the Covid lockdown. It gave him many positive experiences to keep growing.

He hung out with his childhood friends, ate homemade food, and visited farms in his city.

He wanted to continue, but there was a goal in his mind that he wanted to put more focus on.

What was that? His spoken English was on the back burner. And he wanted to be better at English communication.

So, he started taking a few small steps. He joined online workshops and webinars to learn English communication skills.

He also joined Lunchclub.ai to practice speaking English with fellow learners.

But something else worked out for Nandkishor. He was looking for guided practice daily.

That's why he decided to join BBR Live Spoken English because it has:

  1. Regular practice sessions
  2. A mentor to guide

How Nandkishor's Profession Made Him Realize the Importance of Learning Communication Skills?

Nandkishor is a person who generally wants to be around people and build connections.

He often visits his farms to be around nature as it brings him a lot of peace.

He wants to be in farming one day too. But now, he is more interested in sales, business, B2B and entrepreneurial roles.

Nandkishor is in Sales Business Development. It's a profession where he has to interact with many people and build relationships.

And he has been working in the same company for 2.5 years after passing out of college.

But when he joined, he was a rookie. He didn't even know how to create an Excel sheet.

He felt like an impostor and that he doesn't belong there. But he gradually learnt from his managers.

But he didn't face any difficulties in interacting with people. He made friends with his manager because he wanted to grow professionally in a new field.

The best thing he learnt from his profession is communication skills. And that's why he wants to improve his English speaking skills.

Being a Business Development professional, he has to sell his skills and company in a way that business keeps growing.

A typical day in his job consists of researching potential customers, building email lists, and drafting and writing emails.

Hence, his written English is a lot better than spoken English.

And whenever he feels stuck, he also knows how to use tools like Grammarly to polish up his written English and make it more professional.

But, he finds it utterly confusing that he can't speak as well as he writes English.

He often noticed that:

  • He eats up a lot of words while speaking English.
  • His diction and pronunciation of some words are not clear
  • He is unable to read correctly in front of someone, which makes them unable to understand what he says.

This is a massive concern because his job involves interacting with many global clients.

The territories he usually interacts with include people from the UK, the US, Singapore, and Europe.

"I want to learn English to speak English with them and learn their accent."

His focus is on learning English to talk to international clients. That's why he wants to understand their accent and speak like a native.

He wants to be around the right people to keep growing. Hence, now he is in search of a job either in a city where he can meet new people and build connections.

Hence, he has to up his game in cracking interviews to land a promising job.

Why Nandkishore Chose BBR English Guided Practice Over Everything Else?

In June 2022, he came across BBR English while looking for guided practice sessions.

And he immedioately signed up for the foundation session. During the foundation session  our mentor Anitha identified his issues and summarised them in his calibration report.

There were some key areas that he needed to work on:

  • He used to mix up tenses.
  • He used to speak for a longer duration instead of keeping it concise
  • He used to use a lot of filler words while speaking.
  • He used to mispronounces a lot of words.
  • He used to struggle with fluency when speaking on an unknown topic.
  • He had a limited vocabulary range.

But he also discovered many of his strengths in the report:

  • He is quick to absorb information and apply it.
  • He makes a conscious effort to build vocabulary.

So, our mentor Anith chalked out the following focus areas in his calibration report:

  • Interview Preparation
  • Advanced Vocabulary and Grammar
  • Public Speaking
  • Personality Development

Nandkishor loved the report and was curious to know how much more he can improve.

He asked many questions about which course would be suitable for him, the things that course would cover, and do they align with his goal of speaking like a native English speaker.

Anitha explained clearly that his goal is to be fluent in English. For that, the process of this course depends on practice, feedback, and practice.

So, the suggested route for him was the course of English for Service Leaders.

Why? Because in this course, Nandkishor will learn to improve specific areas that would help him grow in his career in Sales through:

  • Overcoming his struggle to find the right words while speaking with overseas clients
  • Negotiating the success of his company and career growth in interviews

Throughout the ten sessions he attended he worked his way through the following:

  1. Grammar for Speaking & Application
  2. Basic and Advanced Vocabulary
  3. Public Speaking and Personality Development
  4. Workplace Communication
  5. Interview Skills

How BBR English Brought a Noticeable Difference in Nandkishore's Spoken English Skills?

Nandkishor's excitement for joining BBR English was evident on the day he attended his foundation session.

"It's a working day, but I took a break to attend this session."

And it continued throughout the course too. Here's what his journey of transformation looked like:

Sessions 1 to 3:

Earlier, Nandkishor used to focus more on statements than words. He was descriptive and expressive, but the vocabulary was still an issue. His intonation and tonality, and usage of connectors gradually improved.

After three sessions while working on Mind Mapping, Conversations, Voice Modulation and vocabulary, Nandkishor could speak well with advanced language while expressing himself clearly.

Sessions 4 to 6:

While he could construct basic-level sentences, he had a nasal sound while pronouncing some words due to the Marathi language's influence on his accent.

With Jaw Exercises, Rules of Vowels, MTI Removal, and Business speaking and reading practice, he became more confident after the 6th session.

Sessions 7 to 9:

In these sessions, Nandkishor learned more about how the Marathi influence affects some pronunciations like W, F, and WH. E.g. he speaks "Apter" instead of "After".

With Presentation skills, Business jargon, and Design and Delivery skills, he could present his thoughts well by using idioms and phrases when required for more impact.

Last Session:

The 10th session of the course brought out a changed Nandkishor, who is now able to speak much better now. He also said that people have started noticing the difference in the way he speaks. He was delighted with his progress.

After the completion of his course, here’s what a transformed Nandkishore has to say about BBR English:

Like Nandkishor, do you also struggle to find the right words and structure the correct sentences in an interview?

And do you also find it challenging to build relationships with overseas clients while negotiating for your company's success?

If your answer is yes to the above questions, sign up NOW for the BBR English foundation session at Rs. 499 ONLY!

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