A COVID-affected Pharma professional of an MNC in Hyderabad found his lost confidence to speak fluent English with BBR English

Created :
February 15, 2023
|Updated :
March 20, 2023
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“I studied in Telugu medium till 10th. In corporate, I learned the importance of English communication.” - Kranthi Adepu, Labeling Specialist in an MNC, Hyderabad.

Kranthi Adepu is a hardworking employee in Sandos, Hyderabad - a world-renowned MNC in Pharma Industry. He works as a Labeling Specialist for global clients.

His responsibility is to inspect product labels to ensure they comply with industry standards and government regulations. His work includes submitting compliant labelling documents to health authorities and accurately implementing labelling for assigned countries.

He is an experienced Healthcare Professional who completed his Masters in Pharmacy from Kakatiya University in Warangal, Telangana.

He spent his childhood studying in his mother tongue Telugu till 10th standard. Because of this, he had no chance to speak and communicate in English - not even with friends!

But when he joined the corporate world six years ago, he understood the importance of English communication. Suddenly, he felt inadequate.

Why? Because he lacked the confidence to speak fluent English. He found it challenging to communicate with his colleagues and global clients.

Being the only Indian in the team meetings, he found listening to EU members challenging. He often couldn’t follow and didn’t understand what they said.

Moreover, impromptu speaking is one issue that pains him. He used to freeze when he had to speak on the spot during meetings.

In July 2022, he enrolled BBR Live Spoken English to overcome his childhood inability to speak fluent English.

Read ahead to know how this Pharma student faced his fear of speaking in front of global clients and became a confident Labeling Specialist.

How Kranthi’s Life Looked Like Before Joining BBR English?

Kranthi moved to Chennai four years back when he received a great opportunity as a Senior Associate at Pfizer, a multinational pharma company.

He spent two years working there with non-locals, and his Tamil-speaking colleagues helped him become comfortable in the department.

But then, Covid hit the world, and he was forced to work from home for two years.

It changed everything for him because there was no socializing with his friends and colleagues.

All of the issues combined put him in a rut. Interactions were minimum, so he also lost chances to speak English with neighbours.

He missed Hyderabad a lot. So, in February 2020, he returned to Warangal and worked from home for a year.

Once Covid settled down, it was difficult for him to relocate to Chennai. Hence, he decided to look for jobs in Hyderabad with a hybrid working module.

Why? Because his family lives in the same city. He wanted to be close to his family so he could visit them on weekends.

And he also wanted to keep working on his spoken English skills. He thought if he didn’t regularly converse with people, he might lose all the confidence he had gained in these six years.

He needed the practice to keep that flow consistent.

He didn’t want to return to the office and freeze again while speaking in front of his seniors and colleagues.

And more importantly, he wanted to learn industry-specific vocabulary.

Why? Because he has to interact with foreign clients and doesn’t want to sound inadequate anymore with a lack of proper words.

When he decided to join a program, his vocabulary issues were the one thing on his mind.

It is a significant cause of why he freezes when he has to speak on the spot.

He feels nervous while talking to the seniors. His real goal, hence, is to impress people and yet communicate it most effectively. And this is a challenging task.

He keeps thinking about what to say, how to say it, and what if he fumbles.

He finds asking himself:

I could have said it better.

I could have structured the sentence better.

I could have conveyed the message differently.

He lacked self-confidence. Gaining self-confidence needs daily practice. And he couldn’t get that from watching videos only.

For that, he wants a personal mentor who can push him to do regular practice.

And this is what he found with the BBR Live Spoken English program.

How Did Kranthi Decide to Choose BBR Live Spoken English?

Before Kranthi started his corporate journey six years ago, he used to read regional newspapers.

But when he realized how important it is to speak in his office, he started reading more content in English.

The corporate culture forced him to adapt himself to speak English.

He decided to learn English from scratch. And he started making minor changes in his habits.

He changed his regional Times of India newspaper to English and watched videos of spiritual leaders such as Ravi Shankar and Sadhguru on motivation.

But things weren’t working for him. So, he turned towards his friends for advice and support. One of them recommended he join Fastinfo - an online coaching platform to learn English.

It’s a good platform for learning English, but there was one problem.

What? It didn’t have time slots that were convenient for Kranthi.

He was looking for non-peak hours to book according to his comfort.

He wanted more flexibility in time slots that he found with BBR English.

When Kranthi signed up for the foundation session, he was hesitant about what he should expect from this course.

However, he received his detailed calibration report at the end of the session. It gave him a roadmap to gain confidence in speaking English.

How? Here’s what his calibration report told him about himself:

The foundation session provided him with the following:

  • His current spoken English skill level
  • His performance in key areas and how much scores he got
  • What are his goals, and
  • A customized learning track with core focus areas

Kranthi’s transformation process consisted of the following:

1. General Communication:

  • Grammar for Speaking
  • Vocabulary
  • Impromptu speaking
  • Conversation structuring
  • Fluency

2. Delivering presentations:

  • Presentation Designing
  • Impromptu speaking
  • Structuring speech
  • Voice modulation
  • Gestures

The mentor chose the spoken English program for Healthcare Professionals.

Through the ten sessions, Kranthi and his trainer, Priya, worked on his communication skills. The sessions consisted of core competencies and their application to make Kranthi a compelling speaker and communicator.

At the end of the program, Kranthi was able to:

  • Construct and frame sentences logically.
  • Understand the contexts of different discussions.
  • Use more industry-specific words in his conversations.
  • Knew new ways of presenting and interacting with the audience.

Here’s what Kranthi emailed about his experience with BBR English only after a few sessions:

My sincere thanks to mentor Priya. She is so supportive and makes her students comfortable. Furthermore, provides a lot more tips and tricks to overcome mistakes.”

Do you also feel like you need help with speaking English in front of a group?

Do you also find yourself frozen when speaking on the spot?

All it takes is to sign up for the foundation session at Rs. 499 AND a little daily practice!

“I'm glad to be a student of the BBR group. They taught me the techniques for spoken English and provided handouts to walk through them whenever I can. The best part of this course is self-paced. A right fit for working professionals.”

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