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are highly trained and certified with experience in teaching thousands of working professionals across multiple industries and sectors in India and abroad.All our mentors have an exhaustive knowledge of and are proficient in communication skills required for success in the workplace such as Public Speaking, Presentations, Stakeholder Management, Formal Writing, etc.
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Tanu Dhiman
Tanu possesses a commendable experience of 11 years in the training and skill development sector. Throughout her career, she has successfully trained individuals from diverse backgrounds hailing from various parts of the world, including India, Japan, China, the Middle East, and Korea, among others ... Read More
. This exposure to a wide range of trainees has enriched her understanding of different cultures and perspectives.

Tanu's expertise extends to conducting corporate training programs, where she imparts valuable knowledge and skills to professionals. In addition, she has designed and delivered customized training programs tailored specifically for college professors and students, showcasing her adaptability and versatility in addressing different learning needs. With a passion for training, Tanu has had the opportunity to collaborate with established organizations as well as start-ups, further enhancing her skill set and contributing to the growth of diverse industries. She holds a master's degree in English, complemented by a bachelor's degree in Education, which provides her with a solid academic foundation to deliver effective and impactful training programs.
Tanu is very soft spoken and she understands my weaknesses very precisely. She gives me a comfort zone to me so that I can explain and express myself. She was able to identify my strength and weakness. Our interactions were highly productive and felt very natural.
Lovelina Suri
Lovelina is a highly experienced English expert and communication skills trainer with 30 years of experience. She specializes in soft skills, interview skills, and Business English for multinational corporations ... Read More, . Lovelina has taught business English to Thai professionals, enhancing her international teaching experience. She is also a skilled trainer for IELTS and PTE, helping individuals prepare for language proficiency exams.

With a TESOL certification and a Master's degree in English from Delhi University, along with PGCTE and PGDTE qualifications from CIEFL Hyderabad, Lovelina has a strong foundation in language teaching. Her diverse skills, extensive experience, and academic background enable her to provide comprehensive training in English language proficiency and communication skills.
Loveline mam has easily become one of my favorite teachers of all time. She is highly skilled in her profession, and she patiently listens to you. She doesn't just concentrate on improving your English communication skills; she also helps you become a better person in every possible way.
Arjun Lyngdoh
Arjun is a highly passionate individual with over 17 years of extensive management and training experience. He has worked with multinational corporations, educational institutions, government departments, and international agencies, delivering training on various topics ... Read More . Arjun's dedication has allowed him to train and mentor over 8000 participants from India and abroad. His versatile training programs have spanned different industry verticals, showcasing his adaptability.

With a strong commitment to professional development, Arjun consistently provides valuable insights and practical knowledge in his training programs. His passion for empowering others through training makes him a highly respected professional in the field.
Arjun has been a perfect mentor, very much supportive and motivating. I appreciate Arjun's ability to create a very comfortable and encouraging environment for me. He is patient, understanding and always willing to answer questions and provide additional guidance whenever needed.
Varsha Joy
Varsha is a post-graduate with an engineering background and brings with her a cumulative experience of 1.5 years in the field of soft skills and business communication. Throughout her career, she has successfully mentored and coached over 300 professionals from diverse backgrounds, ... Read More including individuals working in multinational corporations, the healthcare sector, and sports professionals.
Varsha's expertise lies in empowering professionals with the essential skills needed for success in their respective fields. She has a strong focus on enhancing communication abilities, fostering strong interpersonal skills, and cultivating a confident and professional demeanor. Her dedication to supporting others has enabled her to make a positive impact on the careers and personal growth of the professionals she has worked with.
I am very thankful to Varsha for being my mentor. With her expertise and guidance, I have made drastic improvements in my abilities. The sessions with her were not only informative but also enjoyable, thanks to her friendly and approachable nature.
Prajakta, an esteemed professional with over 15 years of experience in training and mentoring, has made a significant impact in Communication Skills Training and English Language Training. ... Read More Her expertise has guided and supported over 3000 participants from India in achieving their goals. Prajakta's commitment to excellence inspires personal and professional growth, shaping successful careers and developing essential leadership and communication skills.

She is closely associated with multinational corporations and renowned educational institutions, solidifying her reputation in the industry. Through her remarkable proficiency, Prajakta continues to empower others, fostering growth and helping individuals become effective leaders.
My mentor Prajakta has played a key role in helping me improve my business English conversation and presentation skills, drawing from her extensive industry experience. One of her remarkable qualities is her ability to explain complex content in a simplified manner, which made a significant impact on my learning.
Mrinalini is a highly accomplished training consultant specializing in the areas of education and soft skills, boasting an impressive experience of approximately 20 years. As a master trainer in life skills and IELTS, she has designed and implemented comprehensive training programs for numerous institutions and corporate entities.  ... Read More Her expertise lies in effectively transforming trainees and equipping them with essential life skills, bridging the gap between education and employability.Through her extensive knowledge and innovative training methodologies, Mrinalini has consistently achieved remarkable results in nurturing the professional growth and personal development of individuals. Her contributions have not only enhanced the skill sets of trainees but also empowered them to thrive in their respective fields, effectively preparing them for the demands of the employment landscape.
I was super tense about my IELTS exam before I met Mrinalini. During the course, she not only helped me with the English language but also made me confident and optimistic about the exam. This is a rare quality in a mentor. Thank you mam.
Gurpreet Kaur Sethi
Gurpreet is a passionate communication enthusiast with 8 years of experience in training, teaching, mentoring, and coaching. Her expertise spans soft skills, spoken English, advanced communication, public speaking, and personality development. ... Read More She has successfully trained individuals from diverse backgrounds, including countries like Canada, New Zealand, USA, and Sweden.

As a freelance content specialist, Gurpreet focuses on equipping professionals with effective business correspondence skills. Additionally, she serves on the Board of Studies at PCACS, Navi Mumbai, contributing to curriculum development for Mass Communication degrees. Gurpreet's commitment to excellence and her multifaceted expertise make her an exceptional professional in the field.
I'm really grateful to Gurpreet for teaching and guiding me for the past few weeks. She's really good at understanding people and tailoring the mentoring sessions to suit their needs. Her helpful advice and follow-ups have greatly helped me improve my personality. The mentoring sessions were enjoyable and I learned a lot from them.
Priya Gupta
Priya has played a pivotal role in empowering over 500 candidates to become advanced and confident speakers through her extensive expertise. She has accomplished this by conducting a diverse range of workshops, including webinars, group sessions, debates,  ... Read More public speaking training, presentation skills development, body language mastery, and confidence building exercises.

With her comprehensive approach and tailored workshops, Priya has successfully equipped individuals with the necessary skills and techniques to excel in effective communication. Her commitment to fostering growth and development in public speaking has positively impacted the lives and professional journeys of numerous candidates. Through her guidance and training, candidates have gained the confidence and proficiency required to express themselves confidently and persuasively in various settings.
I thank Priya mam for all the effort she has put into improving my Presentation Skills. She takes extraordinary care in helping you develop skills and practice by giving feedback along with teaching you business skills.
Gunjan Singh Khurana
With over 11 years of experience, Gunjan has positively impacted the lives of more than 2500 individuals. Holding diverse roles as a teacher, corporate trainer, recruiter, and current mentor, she navigates through corporate and academia, teaching soft skills and career progression to individuals of all experience levels. ... Read More

Gunjan's unwavering determination in improving communication skills is exemplary. She goes above and beyond to support individuals, empowering them to succeed personally and professionally. Her commitment to making a positive difference sets her apart and inspires others in the field.
Gunjan has been an excellent mentor. She uses real-life examples when teaching concepts which makes it so easy to understand and implement in speaking. She motivated and encouraged me throughout the sessions and helped me become a confident speaker.
Sanjay Talukder
Sanjay has accumulated 17 years of experience in learning and development, working across diverse industries like IT, Telecommunications, and Hospitality. He has trained over 5000 professionals in Communication Coaching, Behavioral Training, Sales Readiness, and Product Enablement.  ... Read More

Sanjay's expertise allows him to provide holistic training solutions, covering all aspects of professional development. From honing communication skills to shaping behavior, preparing for sales roles, and enabling product knowledge, his programs equip professionals with the necessary skills to excel in their fields. With his adaptability and versatility, Sanjay has made a significant impact in training professionals both nationally and internationally.
Sanjay has not just been a mentor but also a friend during my journey with BBR English. His teaching methodology is very unique and I have every session I have attended with her. With his expertise and guidance, I have witnessed remarkable growth in my abilities.
Manpreet brings a wealth of experience as a Verbal Trainer, with an impressive tenure of 17 years in the field. Her expertise extends beyond teaching Spoken English, as she also specializes in training students for IELTS and TOEFL examinations.  ... Read More Throughout her professional journey, Manpreet has successfully imparted her knowledge to individuals from diverse backgrounds, including Koreans and Japanese, helping them enhance their spoken English skills.

It is worth noting that English is Manpreet's native language, as she was born abroad and grew up speaking English as her first language. This inherent fluency and familiarity with the language have undoubtedly contributed to her exceptional abilities as a Verbal Trainer.
I just want to take a moment to express my gratitude for Manpreet's exceptional tutoring skills. Her ability to identify and address my areas of concern has been invaluable in my learning journey. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to work with such a dedicated and talented tutor. Thank you for all that you do!
Niti Wadhwa
Niti, an MBA graduate, brings a wealth of experience as an HR and Training professional in the corporate sector, spanning over 12 years. Throughout her career, she has effectively handled diverse profiles at various levels and has developed extensive expertise in  ... Read More Personality and Communication Training.

With a strong commitment to professional development, Niti has successfully trained thousands of working professionals, catering to individuals at different stages of their careers, ranging from freshers to leaders. Her training programs have been designed to enhance personality traits and communication skills, enabling individuals to excel in their respective roles and contribute to organizational success.
Niti's extensive experience in working with professionals across various levels positions her as an effective communication trainer. Her dedication and commitment to my growth in business communication skills were evident throughout the course, as she invested her utmost efforts to ensure my improvement.
Dipika is a proficient and adaptable professional who excels in implementing a learner-centered pedagogy. With a substantial track record of over 5 years as a trainer, she has consistently mentored her students,  ... Read More enabling them to acquire a profound comprehension of contemporary methodologies and practical scenarios.

Dipika's adept teaching techniques have been crucial in elevating her students' English proficiency to unprecedented levels, simultaneously fostering their self-assurance and igniting their drive to pursue their ambitions and attain their objectives. Her unwavering commitment to fostering the growth and development of her students distinguishes her as an exemplary educator in her field.
Dipika is the reason why today I am working in the company of my choice. She has not only helped me learn to speak confidently but also transformed my personality. She has a knack for explaining things in a very simple manner
Listen To What Our Students Say About Our Mentors
Nishant Kumar
In my journey with BBR I learned a lot. The best take away for me was boost to my confidence and I am proud of it. I thank the way my mentor highlighted every small detail, and letting me know my errors and how to correct them.
Prakash Mansuria
Health Industry
In live sessions, mentors used to give me feedback on how I was doing how to improve further. Because of them, I cleared the interview and got the job. So I am very thankful to BBR for giving me this confidence in English.
I joined the BBR English course. And in 2 months, my confidence increased a lot. Thanks to a lot of guidance in the personal sessions by the mentors as well as their feedback on my assignment submissions.
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