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The 14+ professional career has provided me ample opportunity to learn various Domain expertise, but I realized the inability to create impact through my communication. At this stage I felt need of further sharpening my skills to step up the ladder.  At BBR, the concept of 1:1 session is fantastic which enables one to be open & more importantly Mentor can spot the weak area as the session progresses. My mentor Prajakta precisely pointed out the weak areas & she was always focused on sharpening my strong area and improving my weak area. Now  I feel more confident on creating Impact with my communication in my work area. Thank you Prajakta & entire BBR team for providing this customized course for me.
I am immensely thankful to Prajakta for mentoring me for the last many weeks. I would rank her high in terms of her skills to identify the personality of a person and craft the mentoring sessions accordingly. Her diligent suggestions and follow-ups have immensely helped me in improving my personality. The fun-filled mentoring sessions were indeed informative and highly productive. I wish Prajakta lots of success and would profoundly thank BBR for creating the mentoring sessions. Thanks
I am super specialist doctor with good fluency of English but I still chose to go through course by BBR to add more esthetics to my language. It is highly recommended for those who want to step up their game in terms of polishing English and public speaking. Mentors are really well qualified; they know exactly what you lack and add lot of improvement to that area. I am very greatfull to Prajakta mam and other mentors. They are very well experienced and skilled. It is well designed programme with one to one session; group practice ; grammar classes etc.
BBR is a great institute with incredibly talented mentors. Their values-centered guidance helped me focus more on communication skills than just on English. One of the main advantages is we can customize the course and schedule our 1 to 1 classes. I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to improve their mastery of the English language and communication skills.
Prajakta was my mentor during this program and she clearly became one of my all time fav teachers. She knows her craft, she listens calmly and don't just focus on your English communication skills by try to help you become a better person in every way possible. She holds degree in psychology and it clearly helps her understand the mindset of the student and help them accordingly. Overall, my experience has been great with BBR and all the credit goes to my mentor Prajakta and my relationship manager Abhishek. Kudos to you guys. I hope you become a unicorn 🦄 startup someday and get listed to stock market soon after that!
I've been fortunate to have found the BBR English platform via Social Media and I'm extremely satisfied with their Professional conduct of the entire Spoken English journey being very affordable at the same time!  Prajakta has been my mentor for the whole series of 10 sessions. She has been really instrumental in nurturing my business English conversation and presentation skills with her massive industry relevant experience. All these sessions were very gracefully conducted by her with an empathetic touch to all learnings. All the interactions with my mentor were very productive and extremely natural! She has some serious qualities of conveying the content in a simplified way and that's where this really makes a big difference.  I've rated BBR English as 5 due to their extremely helpful and up to date material. Also, an exceptional learning and motivating support throughout the tenure of my coaching. I would highly recommend it to people who are willing to improve their spoken English, without any hesitation you can get started with BBR.  The team behind this venture -- Shubham, Abhishek, etc. I found is really hard-working, down to earth and are actually concerned about their students improvement in a very positive way!  Kudos, to all of you for being there and making an impact that matters the most in the age of English.  All the best !
The program is very useful and broad perspective of english communication covered.Also, BBR team is very cooperative and ensuring feedback from learners end...great experience. Must for those who want to enhance their English language skills.
Proud to be of this organization, now i will able to develop my personality and also join a top company in any sector.Here I will get mock interview according to the type of company i want to join.
Good institute to improve spoken English l. The instructors are really good. Need to improve in App so that Students should get recorded sessions of classes.
It was great experience with BBR. My mentor was awesome she was helping me alot.She was alwz ready to teach me any topic which is asked for it.Thanks Proya Maam
A good platform to improve english communication skills. It has customised courses based on personal evaluation system and a dedicated mentor who guides you to learn better communication.
The day I joined BBR I came to know so many things about my English spoken which really helped me to improve to became more fluent. The journey was so awesome mentor helped me and guided us throughout my journey . Thaks to all team for such kind of ecosystem for people like us.
It is a great platform to enhance your communication skills. It has experienced mentors and very supportive team. I highly recommend it if anyone is looking for a program to improve spoken English communication & confidence in public speaking
BBR is the best option to choose if you are optimistic about improving your personal skill sets. Mentors are very friendly and highly dedicated. The teaching style is very much comfortable and mentors will guide you on ways to overcome your weakness.  I have just completed a few good sessions with my mentor(Tanu) she is amazing and many more to come and I am excited about the outcome. No regrets so far, worth the penny! Thank you BBR team.
It would have been a great experience with BBR coaching. Loved the format and customized approach which tunes as per individual needs and requirements. Highly recommend to improve ones communication skills and get ready to face the world with more confidence and conviction.
I got a good mentor who understands where I lack is the best thing i got from BBSR. After few sessions,I could see a change in myconfidence level.  I recommend everybody who wants to go a step ahead, just give it a try
I have had a wonderful experience with you, mainly because of the feedback. It is extremely helpful for my career growth. I will be grateful for your guidance and kindness.
I'm glad to be a student of BBR group. They taught me the techniques for spoken english, provided hand outs to walk through them whenever I can. The best part of this course is self-paced. A right fit for working professionals.
It was really helpful in enhancing my communication skills. Teacher's are really supportive, their feedback has improved a lot of my mistakes. Also the continuous practice in BBR has made me more Confident.
I had a great experience with my mentor. She is very supportive, with her guidance, I am sure I will improve a lot and fill the gap to become great in english.
Really very happy to have mentor like this.she is giving me lot of strength to overcome my weakness.Looking farward to learn so many things from her
Good Mentor,group discussion,gems and support from administration for session is very appreciative.
The classes are engagaing and really improved my spoken english
Amazing mentor, customised syllabus and learning,
Great team. Had a wonderful time with BBR. Mentors are very supportive. Liked the idea of flexible modules and multiple practise sessions.
Nicely designed course. Instructors are very helpful. Value for money.
My mentor Apritha madam very nice, she is her way of teaching is fantastic, and explains the topics very nicely.
Very good and customised training and well guidance understanding team
Athira is a superb teacher. She teaches in a simple and understandable way. Loved her class.
I learned a lot about public speaking and it was a great experience
this is my great experience with tanu mam ,thank you for every thing
BBR English is an excellent platform to enhance your English communication. It is a customized program according to our requirements and profession. Miss Prajakta is a fantastic mentor, she helped me to improve in communication and skills additionally boost my confidence, Thanks, BBR.
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