BBR English and Clapingo provide Private Mentors to improve your communication skills. However, both these platforms are different in their features when you look at the level of Personalisation, Structured Practice, Flexibility, and support.

This page will help you understand the difference between both platforms so that you can choose the right one for you based on your requirements.
Personal Mentor
All the way
You get a Personal Mentor both at BBR English and Calpingo. However, at BBR English your mentor remains the same all throughout the course which ensures that your sessions are inter-connected and well designed. On the other hand, at Clapingo, your mentor doesn’t necessarily remain the same in different sessions which leads to independent unrelated sessions.
Flexible Scheduling
You get the flexibility to schedule your 1-1 session with a Personal Mentor on both platforms. At BBR English, you can schedule a session with your mentor anytime between 9 AM to 10 PM without worrying about your mentor's availability as they will be available for you at all times. At Clapigo, you can schedule a session anytime. However, if you wish you have a session with your previous mentor, you need to adjust your time as per your mentor's availability.
Structured Practice
At BBR English, your mentor ensures that you have a structured approach towards practicing your communication skills - learning in the 1-1 Sessions, self-practicing via GEMS Practice Questions, and application of skills in Group Practice Sessions. At Clapingo, on the other hand, both learning and practicing are limited to just the 1-1 session.
At BBR English, all sessions are 1 hour long to ensure that there is sufficient time for the mentor to identify your weak areas and for you to grasp new concepts and apply the same in the session. On the other hand, Clapingo’s session are a maximum of 25 mins long which is not sufficient time to have any impactful learning.
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