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Why take this course?

Unable to express yourself well in office meetings and discussions?
Unable to write professional emails and reports?

If your answer is Yes, then this is the course you need.

Business communication requires more than just strong English language skills. Effective cross-cultural communication, both verbal and non-verbal, is a powerful tool for career growth. We will curate the perfect course for you which will be personalized as per your present business communication skill set and your goals.

What will you learn?

We will design a personalized course to work on your English Fluency based on your strengths and weaknesses. This course will focus on various aspects of English Communication such as the following:

English Grammar and Its Application

You will learn all grammar concepts that you require - the basics such as tenses, prepositions, subject-verb agreement, etc. as well as advanced concepts such as modals, conditionals, etc.

Essential Vocabulary

Listening Vocabulary is different from Speaking Vocabulary. You will learn to use the must-know words while speaking. This will help you hold fluent informal conversations.

Advanced Vocabulary

This course will enhance your vocabulary up to the CEFR C1 level. You will practice usage of idiomatic expression and paraphrasing while speaking and writing - that makes communication more like native English users

Writing emails

You will learn how to write emails like a boss. You might not be making grammar and language mistakes in your emails but writing effective emails is much more than just writing correct sentences. You will learn to make them crisp, concise or elaborative as per the need and situation

Writing MoMs and reports

Meetings and reports are part and parcel of any role. And, if you are a team leader then writing wonderful MoMs is almost a required skill these days. You will learn how to convey more by writing less and still not missing anything important.

Negotiations and arguments

You will learn how to argue in a professional manner, how to disagree with someone without sounding insulting or mocking or and other skills. This is also about talking to your team and how to show by using your tone that you are taking everyone’s arguments into account

Delivering presentations

Making sure that you are giving structured presentations to your team, colleagues or management. You will practice speaking confidently and be in control of all the elements in any presentation

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and design a unique learning track for every individual based on their goals.

If you need more, we can teach more through our personalized courses:

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and design a unique learning track for every individual based on their goals.

15,000+ professionals across India have already enrolled

We let you decide your own pace at your own time

Personal Mentoring from Experts

Our mentors are leading experts from top-tier Institutes like IITs, Columbia University, Harvard, etc.

Learn LIVE at your own Pace

We understand that you are busy! So you can schedule your personal sessions with your mentor as per your availability.

Practice what you Learn

Through our carefully designed practice assignment and live sessions, we ensure that you learn and practice the skills on a regular basis.

Apply your skills in a Group

Practice speaking in our weekly group discussions where you can debate and discuss to improve your skills and boost confidence in public speaking.

Lifetime Access to Resources

Become a lifetime member of the BBR English community and gain access to unlimited resources designed for you.

Meet your mentors with more than 10+ yrs experience

Shubham Gupta
Daniele-Romero Amaya
Columbia University, USA
Vatsal Dusad
IIT Delhi
Anurag Kumar
IIT Kanpur
Varshit Dusad
Imperial College, London
Ankit Agrawal
... and 50+ more experts from Ivy Leagues & IB Schools
... and 50+ more experts from Ivy Leagues & IB Schools

How do you enroll in our personalised course?

Take the First Session - The Foundation Session

The first step in improving your communication skills is to identify your strengths and weaknesses. In our foundation session, our experts analyze the most essential skills in communication and make your calibration report.

There is a lot to learn in your first session

Personalised Mentoring

Perfect your First Impressions

Essential Tools for English

Discover the Power of Body Language

Learn the Secrets of Effective Public Speaking

Book your LIVE 1:1 Foundation Session

Take your first step with the Foundation Session so that we can design a unique and the best suitable course for you that will help you reach your goals.

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At INR 1499 499/- only

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What they say about us

Listen to what our students say about us.

Listen to our learners - How BBR Helped them become Fluent Faster?
Nishant Kumar
I am a doctor. Very often I go to seminars on new drugs and treatments. But, I used to lack confidence while talking to other doctors. But my mentor at BBR improved my confidence, and pointed out do's and don'ts while you are attending a conference. In my journey with BBR I learned a lot. The best take away for me was boost to my confidence and I am proud of it. I thank the way my mentor highlighted every small detail, and letting me know my errors and how to correct them.
Prakash Mansuria
Health Industry
I was from Hindi Medium school, and had poor confidence in English. I was preparing for interviews but due to poor English I struggled in interviews. So I joined BBR English. Here, I learned many techniques to improve my spoken English. During my two months course, I gained massive confidence. In live sessions, mentors used to give me feedback on how I was doing how to improve further. Because of them, I cleared the interview and got the job. So I am very thankful to BBR for giving me this confidence in English.
I'm in first year at Amity University, Jaipur and I was preparing for interviews. I was very low on confidence in English as I came from Hindi medium School . I joined BBR English course. And in 2 months, my confidence increased by a lot. Thanks to a lot of guidance in the personal sessions by the mentors as well as their feedback on my assignment submissions. Even today I refer to their advice when I am in doubt. I feel very happy about my progress in English - all thanks to BBR English.

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Book your LIVE 1:1 Foundation Session

Take your first step with the Foundation Session so that we can design a unique and the best suitable course for you that will help you reach your goals.

Book FIRST session

At INR 1499 499/- only

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Frequently Asked Questions
Is the foundation session pre-recorded or Live?

The Foundation session is Live and 1-to-1, i.e. one of our experts will have a live personalized session with you. Hence, it will be just you and our expert in the session.

What are the timings for the foundation session?

The time and date for the Foundation Module session will be decided by you. You can choose any date and time of your choice. Our mentors are available between 9AM to 10PM.

What will I learn in the Foundation Session?

As the name suggests, the Foundation session helps you understand the most basic elements required for effective communication. In this session, you learn some of the core skills of communication.

Additionally, you also get a detailed Calibration report of your current strengths and weaknesses. This report highlights the core areas of communication where you are required to focus your efforts on achieving the communication goal you set.

What will be the fee for the Personalised course after the Foundation Session?

The course fee depends on the number of core skills that we need to work on and the number of live and practice sessions required for you to practice these skills.

Course fees can be decided only after the Foundation Session where we try to analyze your current strengths and weaknesses. However, the course fee starts from 7999 onwards.

How many LIVE sessions will I get in the Personalised course?

We conduct LIVE Sessions in the form of 1:1 Learning Sessions and Group Practice Sessions.

Our short-term course consists of 10 LIVE 1:1 + 20 LIVE Practice Sessions. Our long-term courses consist of up to 30 LIVE 1:1 + 60 LIVE Practice Sessions.

Who will be my mentor in the Personalised Course?

Our mentors have over 10 years of professional experience from diverse backgrounds. We match you with a mentor that suits your English Proficiency, Professional Experience, and Goal expectations so that your learning can be faster and more efficient.

How many classes will I get every week in the Personalised Course?

We provide a fully-flexible schedule where you are in charge of deciding when and how many sessions you want in a week. Hence, you make your own schedule.

What is the duration of Personalised Course?

Our Personalised courses have validity ranging from 2 months to 5 months. After your Foundation session, based on the recommendation from the mentor, you can choose your Personalised Course.

What is the Guarantee that I will get better at English Communication?

Our results speak for themselves. Click here to know what our students say about us.

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