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Our Learning Opportunities

Fluency in English Communication
Learning to make conversations and crafting well-formed opinions on complex issues.
10-14 Weeks
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Business English& Communication
Learning the English that your profession requires - vocabulary, formal conversations, emails, reports, etc.
10-14 Weeks
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Public Speaking
Learn to use both Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication Skills to speak persuasively- taking pauses, modulating your voice, creating impact with gestures, etc.
10-14 Weeks
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Presentation Skills
From understanding the design elements, fonts, and color theory to delivering a great presentation with an impactful start, beautiful structure, and memorable ending.
10-14 Weeks
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Interview Preparation
Learn to craft clear, confident, and strategic answers with appropriate grammar, vocabulary, phrases, and answering frameworks.
10-14 Weeks
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Not Sure What I Want
It's Okay not to be sure of what you need. Let us calibrate your gaps and requirements so that we can recommend the perfect course for you.
60 Minutes
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Why do you need a
personal mentor?

At BBR English, we design personalized courses for working professionals following the 2σ  principle of maximizing outcomes with 1-1 learning while providing you with the maximum level of flexibility.

The benefits of 1-1 learning over group learning is even larger for working professionals given the nature of urgency and limited time availability.

Courses designed by the Alumni of
Shubham Gupta
IIT-D, AIR- 336
Vatsal Dusad
Varshit Dusad
Imperial College, London
Daniele-Romero Amaya
Columbia University,USA
Ankit Agrawal
Anurag Kumar
IIT Kanpur
... and 50+ more experts from Ivy Leagues & IB Schools

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